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  1. Irrational Player "Love"

    Back in cm98-99 i think... when scandinavia was the place to scout. i had jonas lunden, stefan selakovic, teddy lucic and some DM from Halmstadt, Peter something, absolutely brilliant and cheap, all for Standard Leige in Belgium FM-4 i believe with Wimbledon in all sorts of trouble, lionel morgan on the left and then obviously reo-coker was brill! i find it amazing i remember their names...proper FM love. To be fair i now love standard leige too
  2. 1st Signing

    whoever is recommended by my scouts or impresses me through a trial. So not one person gets signed every time.
  3. The Best Signing u Have Made

    older incarnation, i think 01/02, Jonas Lunden, Stefan Selakovic, some Halmstad players made my Standard Leige team awesome. 00/01 Robbie Keane for Rangers was the catalyst for domestic domination, I cant remember the names of the others. Last year both Marquinhos and Bernado were awesome for me. Plus Cristaldo was good till i sold him for massive money. Not really found anyone yet on this one at that level, although Rueben Reid and Simon Whalley are going great guns for me at Aberystwyth! back when it was champ manager 4 or football manager 4,i forget which (i think it was the first 2d match engine), i managed to get at Perth Glory Ronaldhino and Simao on loan. Ronnie was listed on loan from Barca i think. Madness. They scored a ridculous amount.
  4. Transforming a league

    They did to a degree, although i imagine Ph, that this was as a result of them doing better indivdually in their respective competitions rather than the league, to a degree. Although, i feel the league must have improved if i was offered direct entry into the CL. It is still improving the quality of the league, as all teams improve, maybe not reputation, but as like i said, the individual team's improving theirs. I was able to attract better and better players due to my success so likewise the lowerclubs. I do understand what you are saying tho, and i couldnt honestly tell you if the league improved as i dont use editors, and it was a while ago!
  5. Transforming a league

    On an old version of FM,. i had continued success at Rangers over the course of several seasons. Obviously as i improved, the players i bought in improved, so naturally, my reserves were better that the previous standard of the league, they went to a club in the SPL, making them better and so on. Due to my continued success (relative i hasten to add), in the Champions League, the winner of the SPL automatically qualified for the group stage. I dont go for this type of game anymore, but there is a point to it, and it was one of my longest and most satisfying games on FM.
  6. Boom, excellent news. Bandits are back. work suddenly got a whole lot less boring!
  7. Anyone Actually Got Into It ?

    I agree that it is difficult to get into! I have a habit of finding an hour, loading a new game, with leagues I have never played before, only to find after an hour i have acheived little or nothing, and go to bed. I am trying to always play at a lower level to create longevity, however, I struggle to find the time!
  8. Question about affiliate clubs.

    Never had the option to propose a specific team, i didn't even know it was an option? I knew you could pick a specific kind of feeder club. Happy days
  9. Could it be that Mark Hughes has a better reputation than you? So, the chairmen may not trust you as much with his money... Not saying this is definate, but a possibility?
  10. Going from Part-time to full time

    yes getting them on full time contracts does help their training (it says that in game). His question isnt soley based on improving semi-pro players. it is, how do I go full time? and as people have already said, getting players on full time contracts does help. (may also help to get your coaches full time too!)but there are other aspects that the board takes into account
  11. Thats hardly worth posting. It is a simulation based on real life that is designed to evolve and change like it would in real life. So, we are discussing why it doesnt appear to.
  12. well thats a good effort so far!!! well done. However, i imagine, as you say that the other teams are dog egg, that the league standard isnt high enough yet. Despite lack of realism, try to improve the league by signing players that arent good enough for you, and then sell them to the needy...think Robin Hood
  13. Going from Part-time to full time

    there are a few circumstances that influence it. Finances, income and player contracts. Everything needs to be there to achieve full time status. Nothing you can do about it, only wait until the chairman decide to change it.
  14. yes IRL they maybe. Your in-game reputation maybe quite high, but as the others have said you are suffering from a lower league reputation. As playing for Red Star domestically is a step down from Spain, italy and England. Your sustained success will, I think improve the league rep, if the other teams around you generally improve. At rangers once, i was very successful but suffered the same as you. However, I was able to almost sign players that were only rotation for me...their rep took a knock, i would sell them on to some of the other teams within my league (to improve them). Through my sustained success, the scottish league was given automatic qualification to the Champs league for the Champions, which is a step up compared to real life.
  15. Just started a new game

    I started a game like this, I didnt load up enough divisions to get offered a job, as my reputation was too low. If you want to maintain realsim, keep your reputation low and start with more leagues outside Europe. Or, alternatively if you want a better job, knock your reputation up a few notches.