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  1. Ah thanks i didnt notice that Philosophy is changing the mentality too.
  2. After i noticed that i cant use touchline instructions because of my costumized tactic with all the ticked boxes i decided to give the new system a go. To get into it i read alot starting with some threads and finally the Tactical Theorems 10. After all i couldnt find anything that explained me what the different things are really doing and it would help me alot to settle in because after many years playing FM im still thinking in sliders. So i started testing to figure out what the strategies, styles and instructions are exactly doing. I noticed that Philosophy and Creative Freedom are both just moving the creative freedom slider up and down. As example when i set up a very rigid philosphy with a more expressive playing style it looks nearly similar to a system with a very fluid philosphy and a more disciplined style. Did i overlook something? Is there more difference that take effect to the ME? I would be really grateful for any help to this. thx
  3. ok to clear things up. im playing with a fully customized tactic. means every box from team and player instructions is ticked. in this case touchline shouts are absolute useless for me. am i right?
  4. FM2010 and Linux

    I gave up playing games on my linux system years ago. The last games i played were Enemy Territory and Doom 3. Now im using a second partition with xp pro for gaming. Im not a big fan of wine but im looking forward to your project and maybe we will get an FM for linux in the near future.
  5. Can't play FM2010 anymore!!!

    Everybody knows that the game is finished after the last patch in february. So why you dont buy the game after that date and play it for 1 year till the 3rd patch for the next FM is released? All you need is a bit patient. You will not find any game out there that is bugfree on release date today, espacially games like FM with a fixed date every year. If you cant wait then stop complaining and take what you will get.
  6. In my network FM09 game van der vaart joined chelsea in first winter transfer window for 12mio because of lack of first team football. In the following summer transfer window he rejoined real for the same reason and price......
  7. Yes but thats no problem from FM10 i already noticed that in FM09 as i stoped them to train the new position. I dont know why in my opinion its a bug.