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  1. Started my save with Sassoulo . Decided to try the pre set tactics so started with fluid counter. After an unbeaten pre season I played eight games winning 3 drawing 2 and losing 3. I then switched to the vertical tika taka tactic. No tweeks. Seven wins ,two draws and no losses later I'm third in the table. Beat Juventus 3-0 at home,top of the table Lazio 1-2 away and 0-0 home to Milan. It's all the original squad . While it's pleasing at the moment, I hope all the saves I do with be this easy. Appreciate it is hard to strike a perfect balance. In previous versions I struggled with my own tactics.
  2. You tube Tifo football. They do various short tactical analysis of teams, managers, players etc. I think it's a great site for a tactical novice like me.
  3. Having watched Tifo football tactical profile on Lucas Paqueta and Flamengo I must say this is one I'm considering for FM19. Likewise I'm not familiar with South American leagues.
  4. Bit like in real life. Dundee United are woeful just now. Actually contemplating starting a new save with them. I haven't done a save with them for a good few years.
  5. He would probably do a decent job for you. Interesting to see how he gets on with you.
  6. I'm a Dundee United fan in real life and have dabbled in an FM save. He's one of the better players in the team. Wouldn't expect him to be great at too much of a higher level though. Who have you signed him for ?
  7. Just finished my first season. Don't usually go big teams. Won the league, FA cup and Champions league. Didn't buy anyone and sold Wijnaldum to PSG for 73 million and Flannagan to Stoke for I think 7 million. Best I've ever done since the days of Championship Manager. Maybe getting Van Dijk in for 47 million. Be interesting to see where things go from here.
  8. Season 2 completed. Ended up third in the league again with 75 pts. Won 22 drew 9 lost 7. Both champions Barcelona and runners up Real Madrid were well ahead of me. Got to the final of the Spanish cup but got beat 2-1 by Barcelona. Won the champions league group and progressed until losing at the quarter final stage 4-3 on aggregate to Manchester United. During the season I brought in Marquinhos Sergi Samper Sergi Roberto and Lucas Romero. Sold Javi Fuego and Andre Gomes with Feghouli going in pre season. A few other young squad players/prospects came in too. Wage budget is currently too high with the players I brought in and higher contracts I gave to current squad members to to increase their minimal fee value. Hopefully interesting times ahead. Hope everyone is enjoying their Valencia save as much as I'm enjoying mine.
  9. Completed 1st season. Ended up 3rd in the league behind Champions Barcelona and Real Madrid with 83 points one less than Real Madrid. W25 D8 L 5 Goals for 78 Goals against 28. lost to Barcelona in the semi finals of the Spanish cup. Alcacer scored 16 league goals in25 appearances. Rodrigo De Paul was my best player. Otamendi was sold to Manchester City when they triggered his release clause of £37 million. Bought Balanta as a replacement for £10 million. Victor Ruiz was sold to Villareal for £3 million. Happy with the first season. Not a lot of money to spend in the transfer window. Started season 2. After 3 league games I'm lying third having won 2 and drawn 1. Tough champions league group with Bayern Munich Liverpool and Chelsea. Still enjoying the challenge.
  10. Just to echo everyone else. Thank you for such an excellent piece of work. I've downloaded the PDF and will study it in depth when I get chance. I'm sure this will enhance my Football Manager experience.
  11. Limmy. Can I ask. What mentality are you playing ?
  12. Started a career with Valencia on the new patch. Always start with first transfer off, so no budget for players although I asked and got an increase in the wage budget. Come October due to good management of the wage budget the board gave me 3.8 million to spend on transfer fees. Tried to buy Vallejo. Had to offer his buy out fee of 1.1 million but couldn't agree terms. A month later tried again. He agreed terms but signed a new contract with Zaragoza with a new buy out fee of over 8 million. After 13 league games I'm third in the table, unbeaten, and three points behind Real Madrid and Barcelona. In my last game I beat Barcelona at home 3-2. Maybe it's my fault but I'm having a lot of injury problems. Usually between 4 and 8 players out at any one time. Managed to re negotiated contracts with several of the main players to have larger buy out clauses. Overall enjoying this save immensely so far.
  13. Was using a 4-1-2-2-1 but got sacked after 10 league games. Maybe it was too attacking
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