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  1. Yeah, I have stopped letting my DoF do any negotiation except for dealing with loans / development for that exact reason.
  2. me too. -1 for team talks. It's been a while since I have played full fat, but I can remember feeling team talks were a bit of lottery, and seemed to have much more impact on the second half than players, tactics etc. IMO that stuff should be kept in FM full fat version.
  3. Have you bothered to read the responses Lucas has added repeatedly in this thread? It is pretty clear why there is no editor at this stage.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or not, hoping somebody can help. I have created a club, in the Bundesliga. Redone Schalke. After creating the club, my second team now has no fixtures at all for this season. Is that normal for Bundesliga sides, or is something weird going on? Cheers
  5. PC or tablet? I'm playing as Karlsruhe in German 3rd division, and the teams look legit to me?
  6. I agree with the no editor policy. Why shouldn't they be allowed to? I have no concerns if people can do it - but I'm aware all game development has choices to be made in regards to what features are worked on. If creating an editor will take as much effort as it sounds, then I'd rather than effort was focused on making the game of FMT better. I realise how much time the full game takes up. That's why I haven't played it in something like 5 years, and never will again.
  7. Half time team talks I really, really hate. IMO (and it is just mine, and I'm not saying I am more right than anyone else..) once you introduce too many things that influence the result, it becomes really, really hard to know what results are down to what actions. The games should be about the players picked, and the tactics used. Changing formation is much more realistic than a shout or half time team talk. I don't think it's as simple as if you don't like it, don't use it - because they are there for a reason: and not using something obviously leaves you at
  8. Dive into the free transfer list as early as possible. Loan young players also from Prem league reserve sides. I found that a lot of times young players would be loaned without any fees or wages payments required.
  9. I'm not sure. 12 or 13 was the last full fat version I played, and I hated it. If you really like the 'extra' duties in the game (half time team talks, press conferences, player meetings etc) and things like morale, tactics familiarity etc. influencing the results, then I would say Touch is not for you. If you mainly want the game to be about managing your squad (signing / selling players, fitness, unhappiness through not playing), choosing your tactics and managing your finances (wage bills, transfers etc) then you will love Touch. I didn't fall back in love with FM (started o
  10. Last year compatibility wasn't announced until the day of release. I can't imagine this year being any difference as they will be testing / optimising right up to release date.
  11. This would be really good to include, mainly for substitutions etc. You're left guessing a lot of the time.
  12. Sorry mate, I wasn't very clear what I was referencing. I meant that currently it wasn't possible because of the cross save / tablet restrictions - not that a lot of people want an editor..... I couldn't care less about an editor, but I understand there are a lot that really want one.
  13. I have seen this posted multiple times in multiple threads about an editor for FM Touch. I'm not sure why it has to be repeated ad nauseam in every single thread about the editor.
  14. Yes, I see what you did there. I was merely responding to the post above me. I have no wish to go around in circles on this. I am just pointing out that SI are not ignoring all of their customers by not including an editor, as not all customers want it. There are multiple responses in this forum about why it hasn't or can't be done right now. All seem perfectly logical. My honest opinion is that SI believe they will lose more sales by including an editor and ruling out lower end devices from being able to play, than they will gain from including an editor. In th
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