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  1. hope someone can help, i have searched for days and cant find some simple info on here. i simply want to know what the best attributes are for a director of football and the head of youth development. im looking to trying them out for buying new players and also hiring and firing staff. any help in learning about what attributes to look for would be great.
  2. Chances galore

    the real question is what type of shots are they? eg. if all your shots are from 20+ yards then your hardly ever going to score are you.
  3. are you using windowed mode? if so try turning that off.
  4. Man Utd takeover?

    i got taken over as man utd in 2015. now got a nice healthy/stable bank balance of £7-800m. so yes it is possible.
  5. now in 2019/2020 season. rooney is getting on a bit and a few stats have dropped to the point that he does not really fit into the lone striker role of my formation. i knew this was coming so have been trying to re-train him to play as a m/c to play him as a advanced playmaker (i dont use a amc in my main formation). yet i noticed that the game keeps changing his training to retrain him as a amc. i keep checking back and it is doing it every week. after i noticed this i also checked on ronaldo who as you know is a little older than rooney and it has done it for him aswell. i never asked for him to be retrained yet it automatically started to retrain him to play as a amc. as i dont like old players normally i cant check with any other players. can someone please tell me if they have also seen this?
  6. can anyone spot the error here?

    i was actually about to play spurs in the FA q/f replay in april 2019. the news item says "when Man Utd meet Man Utd on wednesday, talented manager simon leeming will celebrate 500 games in charge of the red devils, a feat which ensures the club stalwart's place amongst footballs most experienced managerial hands."
  7. The #13

    slightly of topic i know. but correct me if im wrong, but dont most american hotels refuse to have a 13th floor for this reason?
  8. can anyone spot the error here?

    yer i cant work out how to make the dam thing any bigger
  9. Got a new stadium

    every ingame year i see a news item that reads something like this "race to host champ league final hots up. bids include (5 stadiums or so) etc" my stadium (old trafford) has been on that list twice but not got it yet. so, whilst old trafford is already in game, i would assume that any stadium that is big enough could get it.
  10. Awesome Regen Names

    this is why i love this forum i was having a really bad day. then i read all this. thanks guys
  11. English hero?

    i gave up on the achievements a few weeks ago when it awarded me the 1 achievement i have never got in the few years it has been available when i had not actually done it :@ think i have got 3 or 4 of them without actually doing them and a few that it did not award when they should have been. really has annoyed me this year
  12. youth intake question

    WOW, thanks. more info than i asked for, yet i suddenly realise that most of it is very useful a cookie for you i think
  13. Richest Clubs

    i think you will find that manchester united has been top of that list for 8 years in a row now. but i think crewe_york might be right
  14. can someone please remind me what the date is for new youth intake for english teams in game?