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  1. I've surprised you guys got so much out of Walcott. He could never lock down a starting spot for me. Although I was playing him at right wing not up top. I like playing with one up front especially with arsenal and I felt I couldn't trust him to keep moves flowing with his poor touch and passing.
  2. Year 2014: Walcott to Man City for 35 million pounds.... I think I'll accept
  3. Just started a game with Man City. My theory on tactics is to put your best 11 out on the field in there best position at there best role, as long as the formation has some sense. So for this reason I am playing what can be seen as a 4-5-1. But here is my starting lineup and there roles. GK: Hart RB FB Defend: Richards CB: Lescott CB: Kolo LB WB Attack: Kolarov RM Wide Midfielder Attack: Milner LDM Support: Barry CM Box-to-Box: Yaya LW Winger Attack: Johnson RCAM Insider Forward: Silva LCF Deeplying forward Attack: Tevez I will play a slightly different formation when playing stronger opposition that will include de Jong. At this point I don't feel the city team really needs anything and am trying to not dip into the transfer market.
  4. ant - does it appear from my system specs that once I install the new Mac OS the game should work? Because I don't want to install the new OS just to find out FM still doesn't work and I upgraded for no reason
  5. ANT - i have OS X 10.4.11 and it is the game icon that doesn't start. It says i have successfully downloaded it, but the game icon doesn't work when i click it.
  6. I was able to play FM 10 without problems on my macbook but my macbook seems unable to run the FM 11 demo. When I click the icon nothing happens. I have downloaded multiple versions of the demo and the same thing happens (nothing). Does this mean I won't be able to play the full version either? Here are the specs of my computer it if helps. Model Name: MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook2,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB Memory: 2 GB Bus Speed: 667 MHz Intel GMA 950: Chipset Model: GMA 950 Type: Display Bus: Built-In VRAM (Total): 64 MB of shared system memory Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x27a2 Revision ID: 0x0003
  7. mac - how could you not start sessegnon! he is the best!
  8. just lost the second season ligue 1 championship to lyon on goal differential.... very unfortunate... wacman - i see you've relegated sessegnon to the bench! how could you!
  9. twattyatkins - otamendi becomes fantastic! a must sign! for me it seems almost cheating to sign him... don't know about khalil though he doesn't look too great in my game either. he must have a variable PA thats why he's so good in some peoples games and stinks in others.
  10. Lewis - If Areola looks that good looks that good at 21 I will try to hold out on buying a GK until then. About Gago and Kalou - I'm not sure why Gago played poorly he kept getting ratings in the low six's though and that just wasn't good enough to keep a place in the first team. He's a great player and maybe if I had him one more season he would have figured out how to play better in the french league but my CM is already so strong I didn't feel I needed another CM permanently. Kalou has been fanstastic this season so I guess he worked all his troubles out. Obinna is torching other teams with his pace when I play him as a AML but since Sessegnon got injured (for 2 months!) I have been playing a straight up 442 and he just can't cut it at ML (attack winger duty) because his lack of technical ability has him giving the ball away in bad spots. I do have one question about playing away from home vs weaker opponents (ex: Strasbourg, Lorient). Which mentality do you mainly use? Because I have been using counter and standard becasue when I use defense the whole game passes by without anything ever happening, but when I use counter or standard I always get scored and lose. Is there a solution to this? Oh, and all of the youngsters I bought are regens except for Situ.
  11. I know i should probably be posting this in the regen forum but since he will be playing for PSG i'd thought i'd share ha.
  12. Hi guys. great thread and I'm loving PSG so far. Lewis - in the formation you recommended that Suggy play dont you have a huge cap in the center of the field in between the DM's and forwards? Especially with both on attack!!! The formation you suggested seems very unbalanced to me. So I'm in my second season with PSG and trying to keep the team together as much as possible and have as many French or African's that speak french as possible to keep it more realistic/domestic. Oh and I'm using the newest patch. Season One Summary Finished 3rd in the league with OM and Lyon far ahead. Transfers: Bought Salomon Kalou for 4 mill pounds. Loans: Diaby, Gago. Formation: 4-2-3-1 Deep Key players: Hoarau - top scorer in the league. Sessegnon - highest average rating in the league (played him in the AMC role with attacking playermaker duty and was incredible!) Guily - played very well despite his old age leading the league in assists. Worst players - Gago, Kalou. Second Season Summary: Right now still early in the season but I did get crushed in the Champs Leauge best playoff by Sporting CP who were just fantastic! Unfortunate to draw such a good team in the playoff. But this was the only thing that's really happened so far so i'll talk about summer signings and mindset. Formation: 4-2-3-1 Deep Goalie: Coupet played fine last year and I am hoping he can last another season or two at which point hopefully Boucher or Areola will be good enough for the first team. I really don't want to have to spend the transfer kitty on a keeper. Defense:I felt that I had a good defense but I lacked an attacking left fullback as Armand didn't help to much in games when I needed a goal, so I got Maxwell on loan because Makonda is still not good enough for Ligue 1 action. Midfield: I wanted to keep Makalele and Guily as starters or key reserves at least despite their old age because they played so well last season. But I realize that they can't play as much due to their old age so I brought in Acosta on loan to compete with/cover for Guily with the option to buy him for 2 mil which is a good deal and he has already shown he is worth the 2 mil. To cover for Makalele brought in Partick Veira for free as he was out of contract at inter! which I am loving!! What a player despite his lack of pace! To youthen things up I brought in Zargo Toure on loan. Zargo was at USBCO when Barca bought him for 3 mil pounds but decided they didn't want him anymore so I brought him in to see if he could cut it in Ligue 1 with the option to buy. He has the mental and physical stats to become a great DMC or ball winner, but his tackling is poor so I put him on his own training schedule to see if his defense improves. Although Kalou played awful his first season I saw greatness in him so kept him in the starting lineup as my left winger and he has been improved so far and him and Acosta look to be my wingers of the future. Forwards: As I only play with one forward this was not a position of concern as I already have Hoarau and Erdinc both of which performed well last year. But I saw Altidore on the transfer list and couldn't resist so I brought him in on loan with the option to buy. I also had Victor Obina on my shorlist and he was out of contract so I picked him up for free. Hopefully he'll either become good enough to compete on the wings or I can sell him and make a quick profit. Youngsters This is where I made most of my activity. Brought in a about five of French youngsters and French regens that cost me about five mil overall. My top scout also found two great 15 yr old Brazilians with 4 star potential! So I bought them with monthly installments over 48 months for 4 mil each. I know that this goes against my philosophy of keeping the squad French or African but they were too good to turn down and I didn't think it too unrealistic that a French club would pay to bring a good youngster out of Brazil. Hopefully I'll figure out how to post a screenie because this forward regen is the best I've ever seen ever in any FM game! It might be a little unfair how good he is ha. As soon as he makes his way to France in two years he'll immediately start.
  13. FM10 African talent thread.

    Yeah does anybody know how to get African players besides waiting until they show up in European youth teams?
  14. yes playing two poachers would be a bad idea if you are going to try to beat any quality teams. If your Man Utd playing Colchester sure you can play two poachers and win but if your Man Utd playing chelsea you'll get dominated. Do you have somebody who can play AMC well and play them good through balls. Because they won't help you keep possession or build really at all. But if you have a good AMC it might work. Never tried it though.
  15. Due the fact that I'm lazy I decided to use your basic formation with the roles and duties you'd given players with the change being I put all of the advanced sliders back to computer generated that way I could more easily switch from attack to defend. I think the biggest key of your formation were the roles and duties you gave players and the fact that you put the two CM players who would normally have "hold up ball" as "yes" to "no" and you made the fullbacks attack to give the formation width, because without them on attack, or support at the very least, the formation has no width. This makes for a great quick passing formation that I love to watch and has been working for me so far. One thing I noticed is that it's important not to have the team on short passing or else the midfield just passes to itself all day long. LONG LIVE THE 4-1-2-1-2