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  1. Higuain has far better movement than any of our striker and didn't Giroud miss almost the most chances in Europe too?
  2. I'd be thrilled if we managed to get Higuain, especially for that kind of money. His goal scoring record is outstanding and from what I've read from people who watch him a lot he's one of those who's build up play gets underrated.
  3. Absolute nonsense. He had a good run of 3/4 games after signing the contact then had a bad run of form (such is life for Theo) and then he got it back in the last few games of the season winning us points.
  4. Selling Ramsey is a mental idea. As he is now he's the prefect squad player and he's young so there's still some growth there.
  5. I'd really like Fellaini in beside Arteta. He's good in the tackle, decent shot, he's good in both ends of the box, he's the right type of nastiness and he'd offer the physicality we don't have in midfield. People point to his pass completion rate but that doesn't worry me that much, it may well be a consequence to the role he plays at Everton.
  6. We only think we are tbh. If we followed as much United/Liverpool/Chelsea fans etc. we'd see as many. Gab Marcotti says we're 'pushing hard' to sign Fellaini. He's usually reliable as far as I know.
  7. Not a fan of people editing targets into our shirt but that is excellent tbf.
  8. There was a Q&A with Gazidis tonight. Nothing particularly interesting seemed to come from it, nothing that we didn't already know anyway. Though he did seem to heavily imply that we're dealing with clubs without managers which is slowing things up transfer wise.
  9. He doesn't seem to start the big games tbf, or when he does he's the first taken off. There seems to be some notion on twitter that we're announcing a signing today. Not sure why but if we are I'd imagine it'd just be Sanogo.
  10. I've already watched videos of and researched stats about Higuiain so I'm officially at a stage where I'll be dissapointed should it not happen. I'm almost definitely going to be dissapointed.
  11. I think we may have been linked with ALL of the players and it's only early June.
  12. Had that come off it would have still been the most mental thing Liverpool have ever done. Would have topped Carroll even. Sell Alonso for cheap and replace him with Barry.
  13. Myles Palmer first this morning and now a golf journalist have both said Cesc is coming back to us. The golf journo said his scource has given him 4 transfers over the years, 3 of which came true. Campbell to us, RvP to United, Song to Barca and Alonso to us which if memory serves me correctly would have happened had Liverpool been able to sign Barry. I'll try not to get my hopes up.
  14. That's exactly it. It's not that he isn't good enough it's just that he's too old now considering we could get Higuain.
  15. In January we thought we needed a better striker to ensure we got top 4.
  16. Strong rumours that Juve are signing Tevez yesterday so maybe they've laid off Higuain.
  17. If opposition fans don't hate a lot of your players you're doing something wrong.
  18. Colombian Radio Station > The Mirror That Mirror article even uses a made of Higuain quote.
  19. He's 31 and is well past his best. He's still a very good striker, not one we should be pinning our hopes on. English papers picking up the Higuain story but that's likely off the back of that Colombian radio station. One thing that has to be said for him is his scoring and assist record is very good.
  20. Neither of them are proper strikers though tbf. And our only striker is the last person you'd call a finisher. But I agree with the sentiment that I'd prefer a Rooney type but I wouldn't turn my nose up at Higuain either.
  21. I get the feeling Villa is just a back up plan if all else (Rooney, Jovetic, Higuain, Benteke etc.) fails. Could be worse back up plans tbf but I'd be extremely underwhelmed if we just signed Villa but I do think we'll get one of the better strikers we're after.
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