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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if the one who's discovered a player ( Scout, General Manager, or you as head coach,....) gets the credits for it. Now, if scout X has found a potential starplayer you can't never trace this back. Therefore, a sort of history (like the milestones) with this kind of "breakthroughs" could be an extra addition to FM. If this has been done, you always can compare your recruitment people who's found the most diamonds !
  2. The time has come after coaching AFK Linköping for more than 8 years that I may choose my feeder club. If I push the button "choose a club" it presents me a list with Swedisch clubs (lower reputation in comparison to my club) but selecting foreign teams outside this "window" is also possible (like Chelsea). How much chance there is picking -let's say a realistic Norwegian Third Division club, lower reputation - another team outside this list and being accepted by the board / other party? It's too important to take that risk so any advice is welcome !
  3. Do i need to hire a HoYD when my ass.coach can handle the youth intake ? (Staff Responsibilities : - Youth Development => Brings youth players into the club and informs you of their development ... my ass.coach does this ) Only, i can't use him for training my youths but all the rest... he can do it perfectly !
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