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  1. Training

    I did like the training in CM4?? where you could set up your trainingdays by selecting certain exercices like "Pig in the middle" /" Shadow game" / Overload attacking/defending / .... Brings more joy then it is now.
  2. Professional Status

    Really ? So Queens Park can't never reach the next step, semi-pro ? Why? Coz I coached them last season
  3. So is FM 15 now the best ever?

    Got addicted to the CM series ( man, what a time that was), trying to get addicted to the FM's but i can't. The magic is gone i would say. Bought FM2005, '10, '11, '13, '14 & '15 but none of the them can give me the feeling the CM's gave me. Why ??? I don't know. Sometimes I leave it away for a couple of weeks, remind myself to play again otherwise my career doesn't continue.
  4. Game nigh impossible!

    This could be my post. I've the same problems. - My first game FM2015: sacked 3 times in +/- 4 seasons. Hyde => Tromsdalen ( after 1,5 season; first season finished 2nd when my very talented team collapsed after the summer break and we missed the trophy by 2 points. => Vangsnes: couldn't keep them away of the relegation battle. I "sacked" myself ;-)). - My second game FM2015: U.S. Alessandria Calcio 1912 was my first team. Didn't make it to the end. After my sack, they played the last 8-10 games of the competition and they didn't lose anymore. Now I'm coach of Berwick Rangers a scottish League 2 team. Al those "sacks" are in total more then all my exits in the previous CM/ FM - games combined (my goal is always the same: start with the lowest reputation and unemployed and if hired, try to get that team to the highest division and so on. Don't use "prepared" tactics or wonderkids lists. The hard way, like in RL). That's loud and clear, isn't it ?? When I arrive at a club, tactics speaking, ex. if we don't have good wingers and the central midfield is a very strong area, I tend to use no wingers in my tactics BUT playing with backs that can come deep. I try to mix it a little bit : team balance and the qualities of my best players needs to be a nice unity at the end. I don't have a preferred formation. I want to be flexible. ( what i do like is SP's and working with young talented players. Looking out for talented youngsters is my strong point but in this version it's more difficult to find good players. It takes ages to know what they're capable of ) Other team = other players = other tactics
  5. Scout / Player reports

    Creativity (FM2014) = Vision (FM2015)
  6. FM15: Managerless clubs

    ok, i will use that when the game has been released on Friday
  7. I would like to know which clubs start managerless in Fm2015. Has someone the list and can that someone post it here ??? A gratefully thank to that man/girl.
  8. Do i need to hire a HoYD when my ass.coach can handle the youth intake ? (Staff Responsibilities : - Youth Development => Brings youth players into the club and informs you of their development ... my ass.coach does this ) Only, i can't use him for training my youths but all the rest... he can do it perfectly !
  9. Give Belgian team Beerschot-Wilrijk (next year 4th Division) the highest reputation of al 3rd and 4th division teams because it's my favorite football club BUT you can compare it with the Glasgow Rangers: 1) rich in history, 2) a lot of fans ( last season in 5th division they had an average attendance of +/- 7500 , 5700 season ticket holders, sold out a couple of times (12000 fans) => Only 5 ! (the leading) clubs in the Belgian 1st division have a higher average attendance (but that doesn't mean they have a better atmosphere on their homeground) 3) ambience 4) Even we had our financial problems ( season 2012/2013 bankrupt , € 23.000.000 debt and kicked out of the Belgians highest division right into the 5th division) 5) hopefully my request will be granted
  10. - Training back like in CM4 with "Pig in the middle", "Shadow play", "Overload Attacking/Defending",etc.... - Buying as manager , after earning a lot of money in your career, a club. So you can take charge over the club like a chairman does.
  11. I am coaching Stalybridge Celtic in the 5th division (season 2015/2016). Just won the FA Trophy and this was a very frustrating season in the league. Creating more (double) chances than the opposition and losing or drawing the match. All the long shots of my attacking players have I reduced to the "minimum" and i used the "work the ball in the box" shout instruction but none of them seemed to help solve my problem. Before new year i deserved more points than i got and strange enough after new year i only lost 3 times in +/- 22 matches (i changed nothing + no remarkable transfers IN/OUT). Now, looking at the whole season i got the points i deserved (maybe i'm little bit optimistic, here) BUT i didn't mention the times i've hit the woodwork. 25 - 30 times in 54 matches. THAT was frustrating !!! I prefer to be LLM and thus not looking to the tactical or good players forum.
  12. you can read this in the online manual: Long Shots This is the player’s prowess at shooting from distance – from outside the penalty area. It is largely a stand-alone attribute but pay attention to any PPMs the player may have which complement their long shots rating. my question: What does mean "PPMs" ? thx for solving my problem
  13. hey, when is patch 10.2.0 coming out ? Is it saved game compatible ? Does this patch also contains the 10.1.1 and 10.1.0 update ? So i don't have to download 3 patches to "renew" my game. thx
  14. hey, 1) what's the most challenging team in FM'08 to bring to the top? 2) which club has the most debt in FM'08 ? ( I can't use the data editor => there seems to be an error in it). 3) which leagues have no restrictions with non-EU-players (not like England, but comparable with Belgium) ? thx