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  1. Yes, but it doesnt matter! Tried also with the fm standard skin - same result...
  2. i don't see the animations of the tactical styles in the tactical presets and i don't see the assistance recommendations, which style of play would suit my team. Do you know this problem? thanks for your feedback
  3. Currently play in fm19 with psg a 4-2-4. So far it went well (see results). so far - because my players suddenly stopped performing. Weak results, no created good chances,goals almost only over standards or penaltys. The morale of the players is actually good. I like to play with 2 strikers and prefer to have players in wing positions. I don't really care about possession of the ball, it's about scoring a lot of goals and quickly finding the goal. Could you please rate my tactics/formations: I used the following player instructions: stronger pressing from all 4 offensive players and more steep passes from the target man. What would you change? I don't know how to line up against stronger teams on the road. Had no good results against such teams. What would you change if it was 0-0 after 30 minutes? I don't know where to screw either. The poacher doesn't score much either. thx
  4. so i have tried to incorporate most of your tips into my tactics and can report the following to you: i adjusted the formation 4-3-3 with your tips, because i don't really have an ideal forward duo - see properties cavani and icardi this is my current formation and tactics: these are my home game results and the statistics. observations after the changes: more scoring shots and scoring chances in general more or less clear opportunities more fluid combination play less crosses much less ball possession offensive players much fewer ball contacts AML and AMR don't really perform - Neymar and Mbappé and my main problem since FM 18 - away games. I don't know what you have to do to win at all??? Here is an example against angers: the playing time passes without any real goal chances or game scenes. sometimes i don't have a scene up to 30 min. I'm honestly at a loss what I can change for away games. what do you generally do in games where there are hardly any scenes up to 30-40 min? what do you actually change to get access to the game?
  5. You have right. How would you set-up the forwards and the AMC's central and wings in my 4-4-2 diamond and 4-3-3 formation? When you compare to the template instructions I didnt change a lot - except: Attacking width: from verry narrow to standard (because against defending opponents you cant really go through the middle) Removed: Underlap right and left, focus play through the middle (same reason like mentioned) removed which ones? which midfield role would you give to be more creative and attacking?
  6. Yep, because Its vertical tiki taka - many supporting players and a more balanced mentality - to keep possession - but thats not my primary target - possession is good but it should played "faster" also more vertical style will switch that will change that. do you think herrera is the right one for that role (mezzala or box to box midfielder)? will change that ok thx a lot
  7. Try to play a vertical tiki taca style with my psg and would ask you to briefly evaluate my tactics. My main problem is to create clear scoring chances and logically score goals. I combine well up to 16, then either a long shot or the game is shifted to the wings and there are pointless flanks. I took the standard tactic template and adjusted it slightly because it's an extreme version. I use the following formations: The diamond formation is my main tactic. depending on the situation i also use the 4-3-3 formation: Here are some results with the diamond formation: what would you change? thx
  8. I'am in my second season with the fcb and have a bit of trouble scoring goals. As soon as I'm standing in front of the 16, only long shots or passes to the outside and flanks into the overcrowded 16 comes. There is no really penetration into the box. Due to the demands of the board, I play a ball possession-oriented football. For this I have chosen an adapted Gegenpressing tactic so that I am not completely predictable for my opponent. This is my basic set-up. I rarely change roles and duties of my players. I do not use PI's The main problem is that I cannot penetrate the opponent's defence in the final third. My best scorer is hazard as IF (S). Observed problems: - As mentioned in the title, I rarely create extremely clear goal chances in the half of the oppostion. Most goals are scored from standard situations or long shots or through flanks in the middle. - I don't know if it's the role distribution for the 4 offensive players. - My striker is not really involved in the game, which is not required because of his role, but so he hasn't many chances. Werner is a very fast player, but so far I don't have a plan how to use him in the final third. Horrible shots on target ratio: Also created chances: Since I actually have very fast and dynamic players in the offensive area, I would also like to get away from ball possession football. Do you have any ideas what playing style I could play to take advantage of the explosive power of my players? Here are the player traits from my front 4: Thx for your advices and sorry for my written english.
  9. OK interessting thoughts. This means you have no standard tactic for home and away games? You play always like gegenpressing when I understand what you mean with pressing and to be more direct. How to reach that with my set-up? My board is expecting possession based style. So therefore I took the control possession tactic with some tweaks. So I will show you my last away game with the tweaks which I made. You will notice that I was at the first half inexistent. Same picture as the whole other away agames. Opponent has a lot of long shots and I got nothing - create nothing. My tweaks for this game: switched wbl to fbl support cm support to bbm fbr s to wbr defend higher pressing line and defence and pressing intensity to extremly urgent from urgent What I watched when I conceded the goal, that my team isnt pressing like I set up. Here are the situation: A throw in for the opponent in is own half. They play back to the defender and then to the gk. GK play out to the defender And he plays a long ball to the inside forward who can cut inside because the fb defend stays at his postion and the bbm is not in place. So what do you think?
  10. thx for your reply. I changed what you recommended me and play two matches. First @home against leipzig: They dominated me like no opponent in my stadium. I managed to win, because I scored both goals with counter chances. And the second match is really not accountable for me - please explain this to me: I play against a opponent who didnt get a win in the last 6 league matches: And they also dominated me: please look at this stats - its almost unrealistic. I had so much luck to get one point after such a bad play from my team. Is this a me phenomenon or my balanced tactic?
  11. I am playing with fc bayern in my first season and overall I am doing ok but there is some inconsistency when I am playing away and I cant explain me what I am doing wrong. The overall ok performance is unique to the defensive work but the offensive I am struggling a little bit (especially away). Could you please check my tactics: This is my standard set-up with my first eleven players when everbody is available: When I am playing away against stronger teams or matches which are balanced: I change following things: - Mentality to balanced - Both wingbacks to fbs with the same duty - cm to defend and dlp to support - Tick in transition to counter when my team is winning the ball to start quick counters Overall the players performance is good. Only my amc is not performing. So my problem is that when I am playing away I have problem with being dominant and create and get chances overall. Here are the last three away game results against opponent where I have been the favourite: You will notice that I have very few chances and shots overall. I have no clou why??? I get more chances with the same tactic in home games. Here are some other stats: I would be very thankfull when you can analyze my tactic, I have no second tactic.
  12. Hi guys After playing my first save in fm19 with besiktas (media prediction 1st place), I am about to get fired after being only sixth in the league (after half season). I have to get 11 points in the next 5 games.... two local derbys away - so its hard to keep this job I tried three different tactical styles (gegenpressing, controll possession and now dynamic counters) and formations (4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-3) according to my team strengthens. My main problem is to create chances and so to score goals. I am not only talking about ccc's. You will see at this statistics, which shows my position in creating chances table. I am scoring almost from standards or long shots. No through balls or dribblings in the box. My forwards getting average rats under 6.80. Its not entertaining what I see from my team. Like I mentioned at the beginning: I've tried different tactics. Now I am using a dynamic counter tactic from the tactical templates. Because I didn't manage to get good results with attacking and possession tactics against weaker teams. These are the statistics from the last two games with this tactic: I have no clou what more could I do, to get more power in the attacking phases. Thx for help
  13. Hi I am trying to implement a attacking tactic with the goal to play with high tempo and running at the defence through middle. So no possession play or playing down the wings or counter attacking the opponent is the goal. I would like to achieve this with the attacking mentality (controll is more for possession) and not with modifing the TI's. I take Juventus and I don't really know If I have the right players with the right attributes to play this attacking style: So my next question is which formations and roles (duties) are best to play this: Is it possible with a top heavy formation like 4-2-3-1 or a narrow formation like 4-3-1-2? Also when I play away it should be the same tactic. I ve read a lot of threads, but didnt find answers to my question. Possession and counter attacking are very popular, but I will play a attacking game without possession play or sitting deep and countering the opponent. thx
  14. I'm practically still without a title in this FM18 version and the main reason for this is that I do not have the away games under control. Have Saves with Besiktas, Bayern and zz. Played Juve and do not get in away games in motion. Mostly have an immaculate home record, but it does not work Away. No matter strong opponent, weak opponent, no matter if I play offensive or defensive. I do not want to succeed and so you can not win anything! How are you playing away? What does it matter? What do you change about your tactics? What will you change if it does not work? No chances, backlog ??? I am going to give up this version of FM pretty soon and I do not know if I will buy the Fm19 Thanks for your inputs
  15. Hi As it stands in the subject I want to create a direct, fast attacking game. I'm not a fan of ball possession football, so I'd like to score with few passes. You will find almost no topics or articles where you can create the direct and fast play with offensive mentality (attack / control). There are more counter-variants, stand very low and switch immediately at ball profit. I tried this with Juventus in a tight formation (4-3-1-2) and was moderately successful. The game was too flanked. Maybe not the best formation to play this. Team instructions: Only put offside traps and direct passing game. Mentality and Strategy: Control and Flexible SWK (defend) TM (Support) Poacher (attack) APM (attack) Carillero (Support) dlp (defend) mezalla (attack) Wingback (attack) CD (defend) cd (defend) WB (Support) So the question for you, which formation / roles/ duties and team instructions would you choose for such a game philosophy? I think it will work with a deeper Formation like 4-2-3-1 dm wide to have space. This would my Basic set-up TM (attack) Raumdeuter (attack) AM (Support) Winger (Support) DM (support) dlp (defend) WB (support) cd (defend) cd (defend) WB (attack) SK (defend) What do you think of this set-up? Thanks for your inputs.
  16. Shortly to your points: 1. Yes, coman is a speedster no question. But he plays in real time also as a IF and has the ppm to cut inside form left etc. What role would you give him, If using a overlapping fb attack. 2. I know, winger is not the best option for my playing style. Funny thing is, he is my second best scorrer. But the crossed in ratio is low. Which role would you give him? 3. You wouldnt use a defend role in the midfield? In generall If you look at my two tactics, do you think the distribution of the roles and duties are balanced? If yes, do you think I have the right players for these roles and duties? What roles whould you use for the AMR and AML for a possession-based-style?
  17. @summatsupeer and D_LO: first of all thx a lot for taking time and response to my questions. So after my last away draw I ve lost the championship again and lost my champions league semi-final after a bad away performance!!! Sorry but this years me is broken for me!!! Never had that experience in this dimension in a fm version. You've seen my formations and distribution of the roles and duties and it was not far way from well balanced. I dont understand how can I not win the championship with bayern??? To sum up: When I watch the games in advanced highlight mode following things are repeated chiefly in almost every away game: my team is losing the ball when I build up play - there is no pression form the home team - nothing!!! Bad passes. Minimum 10 from 15 highlights plays the same way. my players cause penalties with some stupid fouls Passes to my GK from my defenders or dm are too short, so that the striker from the opponent can pick up the ball and have a one one situation with my gk Despite this the positions (players) don't really perform: Worst of all is James Rodriugez as Attacking MC support. I played the last games with the changes you proposed. Here are the away match stats against real and psg: Changed only: mentality to counter, dropped pressing off My last draw in the championship which costs me the championship: I would appreciate if you can review my match stats and formation again. Maybe there is a basic problem with my 4-2-3-1 set-up
  18. So after a few changes the results were constant. But the necessary away stability is still not given. I'm still behind in the championship and I'am afraid to be without a title again. Please can you rate my two formations. I had never problem in a fm serie with bayern to win the league - never! I can beat real madrid easily @home and after three days I'cant win away against hannover who plays ten men almost 60 Minutes. I can't even describe whats going wrong..... I will stop playing and wait for your advices. thx! Here are my last three away game stats: 2-1 lost dortmund, 0-0 hannover, 2-1 lost hoffenheim Here are my two formations which I use. I am using following Player Instructions: I am using close less for my two cbs because hummels is very slow and I want to protect the line so boateng has also close less, but I want to play a pressing game. How whould you set up this for a effective pressing? SK: Distribute to full backs, roll it out Fb(R): shoot less often CD’s: close down less FB (L) : run wide with ball DM: shoot less often SV: shoot less often IF: shoot less often AM: Get further forward, more risky passes These are the PPMs: Neuer: tries to lay way out of trouble, uses long throw to start counter attacks Kimmich : comes deep to get ball, dictates tempo Boateng CBR : likes to switch ball to other flank, brings ball out of defence Hummels: tries to play way out of trouble, brings ball out of defence Alaba (FBl) : curls ball, play one-twos, knocks ball past opponent Javi Martinez (DM) : tries play way out of trouble Vidal (SV) : places shots Wiilian (Winger) : cut inside from both wings, runs with ball often Coman (IF) : knocks ball past opponent, cuts inside from both wings James (AMC) : curls ball, play one-twos, cut inside from both wing, tires long range passes Lewandoswki : play with back to goal, comes deep to get ball, play one-twos, likes to lob keeper. Thanks for your feedbacks. 34/5000
  19. I've already tried with a fb s and fb but with no success in away games. I've already set th gk distribution to my fullbacks.
  20. I also used a higher defensive line but then got the problem with the slowness of my cds. How would you play a pressing game? With bayern I can't imagine to sit deep and speculate on counter attacks.
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