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  1. Is it a possession tactic? Some results there mate
  2. Would love to try your tactic out mate?
  3. Excuse my naivety, what's the easiest and best way to post a screenshot? Would like to share my results. Also do you find it best to have a Left footed player at AMR and a right footed player at AML?
  4. Good afternoon GlesgaKillie, Just thought I would give you some feedback on my save and on the most recent tactic you have updated. I used your flat 442 to some success, but I found the wide players were getting really poor ratings but I much enjoyed the general philosophy of the tactic. When I saw you had uploaded a new tactic with some tweaks I thought I would give it a go. Playing with my Liverpool side in season 2 I thought I had the players to suit the various roles in your tactic. I used it for 6 games at the back end of my season to great effect. I am mainly using the original squad and Sturridge and Suarez are both scoring goals, and all the players are playing well. I really enjoy how the players press in your tactic, it leads to the opposition losing the ball frequently high up the pitch and to me scoring a fair few goals from their mistakes in possession. I also like the fact it makes many clear cut chances for my side, I beat West Ham on the final; day of the season 10-0 to clinch the league title. So far, so good, I don't post often but really enjoying this tactic. Nice to see you posting too mate, I know you stopped due to people giving you stick but I know it must be hard work producing tactics, and I imagine it takes a lot of your time. The vast majority appreciate your work so ignore the idiots. Will feedback more when I am into season 3, Keep up the good work 
  5. Can someone advise further? So basically we pick the formation, which will already have team instructions on there? Then, based on how we want to play we pick the philosophy? Thanks for any help in advance.
  6. Was working well with Liverpool for me, now isn't making as many CCC's. I have added work ball into box, can anyone recommend how to improve my chance creating?
  7. Hi Mooki3, Been reading through alot of this thread and noticed your success with Carroll. How do you play him and what tactics do you use?
  8. Long time reader of this thread but rarely post! In my first season and I am currently about 4th in the table. Only lost to the Mancs at Old Trafford and drawn a couple of games after about 10 league matches. Purchased Willian and Douglas Costa and Willian has been amazing so far, I can highly recommend him. Suarez is playing well, scoring around a goal a game, but, yes thats right you guessed it. Carroll just won't score. Has anybody got any advice on how best to play him? Or a tactic he fits into? Tactics is where I have been struggling and I would love a tactic that specificly fits Liverpool's players. Has anybody got a decent one? I cant seem to find any consistency. Any help much appreciated.
  9. That's great, many thanks Minimal Fuss. I look forward to trying it at some point tomorrow with my Liverpool team. I've re-trained Gerrard as a striker, do you think he could work well in the Trequarista role alongside poacher Torres?
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