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  1. Dear Russel, Its not about that: When I select a player and give him rest for 1 day, the systems bug and give them 2 days. Normally it gave just 1 day when i request one day.
  2. [BUG] Since the latest update I have the following problem: When I give my players 1 day rest, is automatically give them 2 days. When I give them 2 days it goes to 3 days and 3 days become 4 days automatically. Are you guys experiencing the same issue?
  3. FMhQ

    Ajax / Holland

    Pls, anyone intesrested to make?
  4. Dont care, didnt take a night off work for ****. Want to add Ajax staff.
  5. I took a night off to start a game with Ajax but... No staff.. Really annoying to me. If the editor was released also I could do it by myself but I can better sleep right now. This sucks.
  6. Is there anything possible to delete a file for the Dutch competition? There is no staff because of no license but normally there would be a way to delete a file and have the staff included. Does anyone no which file this is?
  7. Great tactic, undefeated in my game with Dortmund.
  8. FMhQ

    Benelux Update

    Do i have to edit all the last 5 years? And where can i find that in de Editor? And for Belgium, do i have to set all the last years on 0 points?
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