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  1. FMhQ

    Ajax / Holland

    Pls, anyone intesrested to make?
  2. Dont care, didnt take a night off work for ****. Want to add Ajax staff.
  3. I took a night off to start a game with Ajax but... No staff.. Really annoying to me. If the editor was released also I could do it by myself but I can better sleep right now. This sucks.
  4. Is there anything possible to delete a file for the Dutch competition? There is no staff because of no license but normally there would be a way to delete a file and have the staff included. Does anyone no which file this is?
  5. Great tactic, undefeated in my game with Dortmund.
  6. FMhQ

    Benelux Update

    Do i have to edit all the last 5 years? And where can i find that in de Editor? And for Belgium, do i have to set all the last years on 0 points?
  7. FMhQ

    Benelux Update

    Any1? Sorry for my fast bumb but i planned a day off just to start this game! Sorrysorrysorry
  8. Dear, I am working on a BeNeLux data update with the best teams from the Netherlands and Belgium. Its done and finish but i have one problem. I want to give the new competition more places in Europe but i dont know how to change that. How can i give the competition more european places en how do i delete the european places of the belgium competition because there are not any good teams in more. Is there somebody who knows that? And what are the correct numbers for that. The dutch competition is the new Benelux liga and i want 2 give them the following: Dutch Competition: 2 Direct CL Tickets 1 Qualifying Round Ticket 2 Direct Europe League Tickets 3 Qualifying Round Tickets Belgium Competition: I wanna delete al there European places. Kind Regards, Nick
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