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  1. How good are Wednesday's youngsters this year? Any good potential?
  2. I can't seem to find a mac version on either of these 2 websites. Both system requirements say "XP, Vista 7, 8", yet on steam there is a mac option. Do I have to buy through steam for mac? Thanks.
  3. Database 13.0.0

    Sorry, i posted this in the wrong section. Please delete.
  4. Database 13.0.0

    I just went to start a new game after the recent update, and the only database available is default 13.0.0. Is this correct or have I changed something using the editor. Thanks in advance.
  5. I am incredibly tempted to download from Steam this year, but first like I would like some reassurance from the FM community. The positives for doing this I feel are; it means I can play the game as soon as it comes out without having to leave to comfort of my own house. Which to me seems a real bonus as I am very lazy and impatient. However, I am put of by the fact I will not have a hard copy of the game. Up to now I personally have not had any problems with Steam. Although I do understand why other people have problems with it. But is buying the game from Steam "safe". I do not mean in the way that it will infect my PC with viruses. But will I always have proof that I payed for the game. This may sound a very amature and naive question but I would be grateful for some outside input. Im sure many people on here will not hold back on their feelings towards steam, I am interested to hear both sides of the arguement. Thanks in advance.
  6. This is a thread for the little details that were not announced but improve the game. Something that other players might not have yet discovered. No matter how small, share your favourite understated addition. To start us off the "thing" that made me happy was when searching for a player by attribute, the different attributes are now arranged by alphabetical order, rather than an apparent random structure, minuscule but makes a difference.
  7. Jaime O'Hara, Matt Taylor and Lassana Diarra. Back to Pompey.
  8. When playing in the English Premiership, is it only English players that count towards the DPB stat and percentage? Or do Irish, Welsh or Scotish players also contribute?
  9. Wallys update

    Thank You!!! Couldn't see it for looking
  10. Wallys update

    Thanks for the reply. That is ridiculous though, Im sure there used to be a tick box. Cant seem to find it in the editor
  11. Wallys update

    Great update, is there any way I can take the transfer embargo of Pompey?
  12. This happens a lot at lower leagues. My local team's manager recently brought the majority of the club, as they were in financial trouble. This means that he is less likely to be sacked. He also payed for the club's new floodlights as they cannot get promoted without them. Relating this to FM, i would like the option to buy shares and possible the club. But i don't think it would be very interesting or entertaining to do the things that real chairmen do. So maybe just to have your name on the door, and the d yrelationship with the fans. Maybe you could be more likely to be considered a legend when you have saveour club from the brink.
  13. A while ago i downloaded an English lower league structure to play as Bognor Regis Town. I ask you good people is it possible to edit this team via the editor? Any help and suggestions would be greatfully recieved. Thanks.
  14. Until about half an hour ago i was manager of Worcester City, in the year 2015. The team that i started with, currently playing in the conference premier. The player in question is Sean McGuinty, who i signed on a free around 3 years ago. He has been my best player every year and has had numerous clubs wanted him and managers coming to watch hime play, BUT NEVER ONE BID. So i decide to resign, on the 7th of Janurary 2015, with no bids being made for the player in question. So i press continue and go back to Worcester to see who they have hired as my replacement and Sean is no longer there. A quick search reveals that he was sold to Bristol City for 500k, being valued at 95k. In this discovery i feel cheated by the game, i would have snapped up that amount of money. So big offers are made for players, just not when human managers are in charge! I really hope this is fixed in the next patch...
  15. Thank you, hopefully that will fix it.