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  1. We managed to fix it by holidaying both human controlled players a week till both managed teams had a set of fixtures played this allowed us to continue from that point. Would be eager for this to be patched so this doesnt occur again, posting this here so others can try this if they experience this crash as well.
  2. Just run a test and it seems if I retire as manager and then add a new manager back in as myself again at the same club, the calendar can progress as normal. Obviously would prefer to avoid that than losing all ive achieved over the first 3 seasons so any advice / help on this would be greatly appreciated. We have also tried deleting the cache/preferences and checked for virus/operating system updates but to no avail. Issue seems to be with myself who is the host and im currently playing on a MAC (not sure if that would have anything to do with the issue).
  3. Summary: online save game crashing when you progress to the next day. Description of Issue: Been fine until just now on our online save, wont progress past a specific date then continual crashes. Tried to holiday and this also created a crash. We are currently in 2023 and haven't experienced anything like this to date. Steps to Reproduce: We have managed to progress from March 5th with crashes to March 6th but then crashes persist so have uploaded the file for you to review at the march 5th date where the origination of the issue began. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: SeanKarl - Zero2Hero_Cra
  4. Experiencing the same issue here, friend unable to join the online game and search doesnt seem to work (via steam). Also when i restarted I also got the crashed alert which is the first time ive had that since the backend of FM20 when you linked the epic store.
  5. Same here im afraid (dont have that override option) currently on macOS Catalina 10.15.7
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