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  1. He was one of the 4 players I mentioned, the others were Ali Akman, Matchoi Djalo and Ervin Omic. Heading into the summer it seems not too bad for work permits atm. Guess it will be those early 20's players from Spain/Italy/France who will be the problematic ones as they won't have senior caps. Hopefully meet the points criteria by playing in strong leagues regularly
  2. I have almost reached the end of the first season in the PL. I signed 4 young players in Jan with the new Brexit/Work Permit rules, none of them had work permits. After 120 days I reapplied for all of them (none had been out on loan, or had got any more u20 caps etc) all of them got a work permit. So seems like its worth just signing them anyway (if they will join without a work permit) and waiting the 3 months. It's annoying but not too bad with young players who wouldn't be in the first team anyway
  3. Is there a date the brexit rules are set in game? I've just got to 1st Jan on my online save and basically everyone I have lined up to sign in January was refused a work permit under the new rules. Is there a date I can go back to to reload until I get the "No brexit" rule?
  4. Hi John, I have tried a couple of times using the "Online Career" option but still says FM Career when I go to load the game. When I tried the add friend to game option on Steam friends all I could do was "Invite to Watch" rather than invite him to join the game. Thanks
  5. Quick question - if I have the "No Brexit".fmf file for FM20, if I move this to FM21 editor data folder will it still do the same thing or do I need to change something within the file?
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