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  1. Finally decided to suck it up and just force myself into a save despite hating the new FM's layout. Must have started about 6 games and not got past the first window in any of them. But anyway just about to play my first league game of the season and these have been my transfers http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/c5/9b/c59bfbd2ebddcdb9f4f3b0f48a57eb00.png The Cork fee is actually rising to £5.5m based on appearances etc. I also sold the Ox's clause to boost the transfer kitty by £4m or so. Pretty happy with the signings, only downside was that I wanted a striker to compete with Pelle straight away but couldn't find one that was affordable so ended up getting Bonazzoli who is more for the future. Will update again in Jan probably.
  2. Somebody probably pointed out to MLG the empty seats and it kicked off
  3. Impressive first season. Cork is really good btw, and I think in the formation you are using you will be hard pressed to find someone significantly better than him who will be affordable. I had Strandberg and Forren as a partnership for a few years and they were great together, Standberg is definitely the biggest bargain on FM13. Think your strike force is fine aswell tbh. J-Rod and Mayuka both can become great players if given enough game time and Maupay looks like he has alot of potential to grow, plus you have Bennett who will be pushing to get in the side in a year or so aswell. Can't comment on Lambert as I always sell him as soon as I start the save. So personally I would only look to add any good youngster regens you come across, and keep the same first team squad you have
  4. I'm in my 7th season and my balance is about £160 million. My transfer budgets for the last 3 years have been something like £60 mil, £80 mil and £130 mil all of these are on the lowest expectation (top half finish). I've finished 5th the last 3 seasons and never played in the Champs League. As Tajj said get a good DoF and let him go bidding for youth players. I confirm them then send them out on loan until they are 19, then when they return if they aren't good enough I sell and if they are then they go into the first team squad and I sell one of the older players to make room. This pretty much always ensures I make a profit each season on player sales, and makes the game more fun and realistic than just buying expensive big name players imo.
  5. For anyone interested here are my best regens Bought: http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/c5/39/c5398ca389873115e5e5b9f083ec1bda.png http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/bd/ac/bdac34e7ec4f365c0114ff4f6e2dc69f.png http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/d2/b2/d2b22046312d760374bdf0c227ffc491.png These are the only 3 currently in the first team squad, but have 13 4.5* potential players in my reserves atm who hopefully will break through in the next year or 2. Also have a few that came through the academy http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/ab/d9/abd91d0acdf64637ba1e38446e448ef9.png http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/c6/64/c6645984b6d4f96352a33bdf67fb0053.png http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/69/c2/69c2824118c2ca5874778c865016362a.png Have high hopes for these 3 breaking into the first team, in Oakes' case probably going to be Perrins backup next season playing the odd game and seeing how he does. Here is the 2 that you start with, Shaw has been far better than JWP, although JWP has hardly had a look in really http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/a4/a8/a4a8727c69d6c8f42ec022e4997a5dda.png http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/9e/69/9e69c2c841e94f8e43eb9cc61c48f49f.png
  6. Just started my 4th season and in an attempt to be reasonably realistic, I haven't done great First season Transfers http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/37/0b/370befbc0391964564bb1f2bdd531ac2.png League Table http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/a5/47/a5474486d279ce5febd38bdf3060628a.png Overhauled the squad as I normally do and achieved midtable mediocrity which was basically my aim for the year. Cups weren't great as I went out of both at the 3rd round stage. Player of the season was Schneiderlin and Helenius was top scorer with 19 2nd Season Transfers http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/6a/5a/6a5a6905ff3c498990684a8cbb2e3538.png few more in the out column - http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/91/52/915263db4a6a5005adc8a2f57885731f.png League table http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/fb/74/fb743330b9d4432f5984245e34939b42.png As you can see a lot of players leaving on loan and a fair few coming in. Mainly young players for the future. Had a great run which saw me comfortably in 3rd and on course for Champs League til only 1 win in the last 13 completely ****ed me and I ended up in 6th. Still managed to get into the Europa League, but was disappointing to fall apart so spectacularly. Player of the season was Stefan Strandberg and top scorer was Helenius again with 17. 3rd season Transfers http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/5e/53/5e532da65e56267f0ff8b77559426060.png more for the out column - http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/7b/9d/7b9de372a174913e705dcafb9b71792e.png League Table http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/bc/e3/bce3a62ce8d8b499a35d862b27fa0337.png Very poor season really. Made the quarter finals of the Europa League, losing to eventual winners CSKA 4-1 on aggregate, but it came at a big cost to league form. We were hovering just 1 point above the relegation zone with 11 or so games left and I was very sure I was getting sacked then went on a bit of a run to finish comfortably in the end. Only Osmar, Vydra and Alderweireld were brought in to have any impact on the first team in the season, the rest were all youngsters my HoY brought in. Player of the season was Schneiderlin again and top scorer was Osmar with 18. So as I said I have just started the 4th season, won both league games so far and am hoping to finally win something this year The Europa League was too much for my pretty small squad last season so hoping for another top 6 finish this year with no distractions. Got a ****load of good quality regens in the reserves/u18s and out on loan so the future is looking bright
  7. Finished signing/selling players in the first transfer window. Here is what I did http://speedcap.net/sharing/screen.php?id=files/09/1c/091c74a87ebea88004f0878815661660.png Happy enough with my signings and glad to get rid of a lot of deadwood. Haven't got to games yet, but think I will have enough to finish around mid table. Can't find a good freebie tutor for Shaw on the update as Salgado has retired irl. Also JWP has turned down everyone who I have tried to get to tutor him (Litmanen and Zanetti) and his determination is only 7 so doubt he is going to reach his PA which is a shame.
  8. Didn't actually get round to starting yesterday in the end, will start tomorrow now. Off the top of my head the players I normally get rid of in the first transfer window are - De Ridder, K Davis, Richardson, Hooiveld, Fox, Puncheon, Lambert, Reeves, Chaplow and Butterfield. Think that's it. So quite a big removal of fringe players and potentially some first teamers. On my previous saves I have managed to raise close to £20 mil for that lot which helps me bring in 3 or 4 quality players to add to the remaining ones
  9. Going to start as Saints again on the latest patch. Will no doubt do my usual massive overhaul of the squad in the first season. Will post updates after the first transfer window
  10. Yeah, most Saints fans think it was much more Cork's absence rather than the defence that led to us shipping so many goals in the first few games. Was a real steal for us at £750k or whatever it was we got him for
  11. Trying to look at it objectively and logically (which is hard as I'm biased towards my club) I can't see Shaw going this window unless one of or both of these things happen: 1. Shaw publicly states he wants to leave. Similar to an interview Chamberlain gave shortly before he left. Up til then we had flat out refused to speak to Arsenal about his transfer, but once he did that the negotiations started. 2. We get an offer that is pretty much impossible to turn down. For me this would have to be more than the Chamberlain deal, like £20 million, which I doubt Arsenal would bid. Again going back to the Chamberlain deal, even after the interview and him pretty much coming out and saying he wanted to go we still managed to get a £15 million deal for a player who hadn't even kicked a ball in the Championship. So it would appear that our chairman is pretty good at negotiating. Here comes the biased bit. I really don't see why Shaw would leave at this moment in time. He is unlikely to walk straight into Arsenals first team where as he is playing regularly for us, in the Premiership. Its not like before where we were lower down the leagues and players left to join a Premiership side. If we go down then fair enough I could see why, but honestly think for his own development he would be best off waiting til at least the summer.
  12. Good to hear. Always thought he could become a good keeper, was unfortunate with us in that he was pretty much a no 2 his entire career and when he got thrown in for a couple of games last season was awful, put it down to nerves/rustiness then due to very little game time, and from what you've said it looks like that may have been the case.
  13. Any Notts County fans about? How has Bialkowski been doing for you?
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