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  1. Oswaldo

    2018 NFL Thread

    For the 3rd year in a row the Vikings have decided to ignore O line early, not like they just gave a QB a ****ing huge contract and might need some sort of help protecting him
  2. I'm having the same issue. The FM menu (where you go to load the game/quit/preferences etc) doesn't appear with a single click have to click and hold and highlight something or it just disappears. Other buttons that are laggy/sometimes just don't work at all are squad, the world button and virtually all the other options in the menu on the left are 50/50 whether they work or not. The worst though is in game I can't make any subs. When I click on a sub it just takes me to their profile, or when I click and drag them over the player I want to take off nothing happens. Can see I've got the player selected but when I let go of the mouse over the player I want off they just stay selected and nothing changes.
  3. Oswaldo

    Back in the day OTF

    Who was the guy who uploaded his payslip when he was boasting about how much money he earns? Therubberducky or something?
  4. I'm heading to Ascot tomorrow so any thoughts would be appreciated, seen Mozza's L15 posted earlier but anything else would be great
  5. Oswaldo

    The OTF gym/fitness club

    I quit playing football in my 2nd year of uni and that was the only form of exercise I did (and had done basically my entire life) and I was clueless when it came to diet etc as I did enough exercise for it not to matter so much, so continued eating as I was before. This resulted in me gaining about 6 stone in something like 3 years and I got to the "**** this" point shortly after finishing uni. To start with I just nailed my diet, pretty much eating chicken, some brown rice and veg for majority of my meals, really easy to prepare and I found it was tasty enough for me to eat it regularly. I also just started going on like 30 min walks. Doing this I lost a couple of stone in about 3 months, then I started going to the gym and just doing weights basically. If you haven't done them before then you have an awesome period for awhile where you can noticeably see yourself getting stronger/building some muscle but still lose weight and fat. It probably took about a year/18 months for me to drop the majority of the fat that I had gained at uni, if you really want to do it it isn't actually that hard, just need to get into better habits. Also if you want a pizza or whatever then have one, obviously not like every day but in those first few months when you are switching your diet up I was having a "cheat meal" (one of those create your own pizzas from Asda fwiw) once a week, if you are sticking to your diet/exercise the rest of the time it won't make any difference and it means you won't be craving it.
  6. Oswaldo

    The 2015 NFL Thread

    Vikings Some sort of trade up to get one of the OTs (Conklin/Stanley/Decker) Laquon Treadwell Robert Nkemdiche 30 83 31 Five Yes
  7. Oswaldo

    The 2015 NFL Thread

    Is this not incredibly weird by the Eagles? Giving up that much when they already are paying Bradford and Daniel pretty big contracts with a lot of guaranteed money?
  8. Oswaldo

    Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    Meanwhile after drawing at home to West Brom
  9. Oswaldo

    Dry January

    I've done this before and by far the hardest bit was the social side. Made me realise that basically everything my mates do involves drinking. I basically became a recluse for a month
  10. Oswaldo

    The 2015 NFL Thread

    Pretty happy with the Vikings draft overall, would've preferred Parker at 11 rather than Waynes but not the end of the world. Getting Kendricks in the 2nd seems a steal and then Clemmings in round 4 on the surface looks pretty great. The 3rd rounder seems a massive project, but has a lot of upside supposedly.
  11. Oswaldo

    The 2015 NFL Thread

    True, but I am 99% sure that if the best offer they receive is a 3rd, or even a 2nd round pick then he stays a Viking. There is nobody in the draft who can impact next year as much as AP could. Which is why I am saying the only team who would possibly give the Vikings what they wanted is a potential Superbowl contender who see losing one years first round pick as a fair enough trade for getting a player of AP's pedigree even if it is only for 1 or 2 years
  12. Oswaldo

    The 2015 NFL Thread

    I don't think it is very likely but I don't see why the Vikings would trade him at this stage for anything less. They have been pretty firm in their stance about him being there next year and have said that they want at least a first for him, going as far as saying they want a starting corner and a first. That may all change ofc, but the only team I think who may give up a first is the Cardinals as they aren't massively far from being a potential superbowl contender, and they have no one close to AP in running backs.
  13. Oswaldo

    The 2015 NFL Thread

    If White, Parker or Cooper are there at 11 then Vikings should definitely draft one of them. Their WR's are no way good enough, and giving Bridgewater another option could really help. Agree about Scherff, and the O-line is also in need of help, but if none of these 4 are there then I hope they trade back. No linebacker seems worthy of the number 11 overall and not massively sold on Waynes. A lot depends on whether anything happens with Peterson aswell, Cardinals the only team I think who may give up what is required for Vikings to trade him, but that is still unlikely. I also really hope they don't trade back into the bottom of the first. It is pretty much the main reason they still have so many holes, they have'nt had enough 2/3 round picks due to trading up. Dream scenario for me is getting White at 11, trading AP for Cardinals first and taking Kendricks there, then addressing O-line and corner in rounds 2 and 3, and a RB in the 4th.
  14. Oswaldo

    PES15 - PS4 Competition

    Good game Jagster thought you were unlucky tbh
  15. Oswaldo

    PES15 - PS4 Competition

    Yeah 10:30 works for me, just post in here and I'll come on