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  1. FM12 - The Ordinary Tactic

    Very impressive tweaks sir! Played 13 won 11 drew 2 (Rangers friendly 2-2 and Bolton Cup 1-1 went on to win 3-5 on penalties) Goals for 45 Goals against 9 with the most enjoyable being a 6-1 home raping of Leeds Your tweaks as far as i can tell have improved my possessional stats and James tomkins (3.5m from the Hammers) is banging them in from corners! Only concern i have is that i cant get my Strikers to play to well although saying that they do hit hat tricks when they do perform... but hey i can live with that as the rest of the team are clearly scoring for fun so all in all hats off to you sir!
  2. FM12 - The Ordinary Tactic

    I thank you kind sir! I have acquired your tweaked version too and shall test it out with my Southampton save
  3. FM12 - The Ordinary Tactic

    This imo is the only tactic to use! However since a format iv'e lost my version of it and due to both links not working... i was wondering if one of you kind gentlemen could possibly upload it for me?
  4. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Unfortunately i have to agree squire Hearts have been damaged by capitalism again unfortunate but hey ho onwards and upwards.
  5. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    As demand is massive you'd think SI would knock one out ps. If you do (SI) make it mac compatible cheers.
  6. That only works if your the Vale though
  7. When a manager slags you off before a match you should be able to laugh at them after you've raped their team
  8. Fm11sx

    Thanks Blue and sorry didn't realise it had
  9. Fm11sx

    Love the new version LB thank you. Now this could be me using it wrong but...... is it possible to add a back button? i,e when on team screen looking at players you double click a player (say to remove a ban) but then you have to reload clubs to get back to where your at. Hope that makes sense.
  10. [FM11] [RELEASED] JBF'11 Skin

    Love this skin. Thanks johanbajenfans!
  11. International Withdrawals fix

    Nothing that involves you annoys me squire. Now i understand it must be really frustrating having to sign the register and never being able to work with children again, but sir surely your frustrations should be kept between you, your parole officer, your psychiatrist and the relevant institutions to which rules you must abide too. However im not all about negativity.. I would like to add something positive to my post. Some sound advice, Don't let unfortunate childhood memories or lack of manhood size turn you into a stereotypical keyboard warrior just enjoy the ride and push all those negative feelings to the back of your mind. peace out nonce
  12. International Withdrawals fix

    Initially i thought you were discussing a similar situation to my experience with the game. However upon realizing what a first class dick you are i said my piece and left you too it. Hope that answers your question.
  13. International Withdrawals fix

    Your attitude is probably why no one gives a **** about your question, enjoy playing your game puto. As for the nonsense bit i think you'll find it does happen my friend...... Try playing some mind games and you will see