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  1. Pretty sure NEtherlands did it too but Cruyff and his ego insisted on being number 14.
  2. DOn't know if he is in this one but i always loved the name Ice Cream he was a nigerian central midfielder iirc. Also Shoes Moshoeu was a legend
  3. How'd you figure that? Don't see how you can put too much effort into an idea that could potentially improve the game.
  4. A small addition i would like is: On the affiliated teams screen, if you have a loan partnership with a side then you should be able to see when their transfer window is open. I currently have a side in Bulgaria but cant send players on loan until late Jan. Be nice to see a date so i don't have to check everyday. This way my players would a WP sooner.
  5. Both Athletico and Real Madrid's stadiums are named after former presidents, not quite naming after a player or manager but still named after a person though. EDIT: Should point out my support for this idea. But it needn't be just districts, surely it would possible to just add a field for potential stadium names. For example Everton used to be called St.Domingos after a local church, would brilliant to play in St.Domingos Park. Or Tranmere Rovers who were previously Belmont FC could play in The Belmont Stadium.
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