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  1. Still not working so mine is definately not a time issue
  2. just tryed again still invalid #sameoldcraic
  3. definately entering it correctly copy'd n pasted it n tryed it several times n got invalid code all night. had nothing back off grainger games
  4. hello all been tryin to access beta all night using my grainger games key but keeps coming up invalid anyone else having same issue or got it sorted?
  5. Hi all, Im trying to get my head round this new edition like most other people will be and one of the things i want to know is with this 2010 version can you change your formation more often without upsetting the balance of your play/team etc than in other versions because previous versions relied heavily on you keeping the same formation and tactics very similar to get your team to gel. The reason i ask is at pre match meetings my ass man will give me info like for example, im playing with boro and am going to play reading away and the info i got was " reading do well against teams that play 442 " which basically says to me that if i go to reading set up at 442 which i play they are probs going to beat me so switching things around a bit could be a better option or something i could try to combat this. any feedback off you tactical boffins out there would be sound.
  6. @JordanC Thanks for the reply mate, ive allowed mail from the addresses you said, still no joy though.I,ll keep checking the forum for any update for hotmail users.
  7. ive got a hotmail.com email address and am not gettin sent the link anyone else havin the same issues with hotmail.
  8. hi all, im trying to re-install fm 08 on my pc which runs on windows vista basic.the game loads in on initial setup then when i exit the game i cant load it back in as there is no shortcut on the desktop or in the games folder.can any of you boffins out there help me out.
  9. cleon, could you post a new link to your sheff utd save for me to have a look at. ive tried the old one but when it takes you to file front theres no link to download the file. cheers mate.
  10. sorry lads the links in the unofficial tactics bible i was referring to.ive try clicking on numerous links to different topics and it says it cannot display the page.cheers for the info anyow
  11. hi there just want to know how come the forum links dont work since the forums have been updated and will this issue be fixed in the future.
  12. i would like to see getting job offers from clubs in europe if doing well managing in england etc introduced if it would be possible to do