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  1. Question. I am currently playing in the A-League and have several players out on loan to the non-playable state league teams. I have just had a report back on one of my loaned players scoring a goal in a friendly against an international team(Al-Sadd in Qatar). I thought it was odd so I checked into the schedules and the fixture isn't mentioned for either team. I have seen it happen before playing against serie C teams in Australia. Is this something that other A-league players have seen? Does it affect other leagues when loaning players to non-playable leagues?
  2. I would like to know what needs to happen to receive recognition in the A-League. I have won 3 of the last 4 seasons, made the last 16 of the Asian Champions League twice. I am in the overall Asian manager hall of fame. However, when i ask the board if we can have a look for affiliates " Your recent results are not good enough for us to think about it". What the hell do they want me to do for feck's sake?
  3. No other files or folders in the megapack folder. I have downloaded the compressed file, unpacked it, and then transfered all the files in each update folder into the megapack folder. Whatever is happening is also stopping the metallic logo's pack aswell
  4. I have added 7.05 in there aswell. Still issues Here is my folder: and here is the interface screen just to see if there is a check box i have missed or whatever.
  5. I have download up to 7.04 and loaded them up all fine. But when I restarted the game, the faces don't appear to load anymore. Faces that were there, arn't. Any tips?
  6. So new computer means new save time. WOOOOO! I can run more than 3 leagues now, yay, so decided to load up England down to Conference, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Australia. Decided that instead of booting someone out of their hard earned job, I would start unemployed. I make my manager, press continue, and then wait. I only wait until the first week of October rolls around before Torquay comes a calling. Apparently a record of 3W/2D/8L and 20th on the ladder is not good enough for the team expected to challenge for the title. No worries, lets see what we can get sorted. *pulls up pants* I have 3-4 days to do my conferences, review the team, a quick scouting check and a slap up tactic before I am thrown into my first game. In between games, I offer some trials for a couple of clubless Aussies because I am a kind Samaritan and someone else should be pouring my beers. I also tinker with the main tactic a little and set up a secondary tactic to give a run for a bit. Probably still a bit rubbish but who knows. More tweeking occurs during the week because 2 shots 0 on target is F*%KING ABYSMAL. More to Come.
  7. I am playing with this at the moment and one thing I have noticed is that I can't seem to find youth teams. Like no team has a youth setup. It is either first team or your out from the look of it.
  8. Beating the other team so hard that their coach is fired. I have done it twice. I always laugh my ass off. AVB was bad mouthing me before a match while he was under pressure so I was thoroughly pleased when he was sacked after we beat em 3-1. Other times is when one my team scores after holding out a superior team for 60-70 minutes. Man city is a fav of mine.
  9. So you are trying to get a scottish team who got dissolved for spending too much money, to spend more money when you got success without spending money?
  10. They do that. And that awesome international regen that you had bought in and groomed as a future socceroo? 60 days before nationality they decide to sell him off to germany for about half value.
  11. I am getting a huge amount of yellow cards with this tactic. Now don't get me wrong, 3 seasons in the A-League and all of asia is my bitch but after about week 7, I have about 1 player missing through suspension per week. My croatian DMC is particularly bad for it. Is anyone else having this issue too?
  12. What is the actual programming process for gaining nationality. I am playing as Wanderers in th A-League and I have a croatian player that has been "waiting for paperwork" now for the last 2 months. He has actually missed out on champions league rego because of this. I wanna know what the ingame processing is for gaining nationality from when that counter reaches "0" all the way through to having the flag on their profile.
  13. If the aim of the game was to hit the woodwork, then I would walk the league. But NO. ....
  14. How long will a player be "Waiting for Paperwork"? Currently have a german kid holding a registered foreigner space who has been waiting 101 days for paperwork. Surely it should be sorted out quicker than 3 months, right?
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