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  1. fm10 skin

    I'm in a similar position, I actually like the colour scheme but I can't stand the tab system, it means that it takes more clicks to get to most pages and most of the common buttons are a long way apart.
  2. SortitOutSI Site

    Doesn't seem to be closed, just down due to problems updating to include FM10. Twitter feed is the best place to find any news. http://twitter.com/sortitoutsi
  3. fm10 skin

    Weren't all of those available in FM09 (and FM08)?
  4. [Release] Vitreous2 skin for FM2010

    There's one in the top left.
  5. Save the match replay and upload it?
  6. How change font Vera in a skin?

    Go to Preferences > Display and Sound then near the top untick use skin cache and tick reload skin on confirm, then click confirm. May sound silly but make sure you've selected the skin you've edited.
  7. How change font Vera in a skin?

    You need to actually tell the skin to use your font, look in the panels folder for the skins and open the .xml files with notepad (or any other text editor), look for 'vera' and replace it with your font.
  8. [FM10] FM09 Skin?

    I said I can't afford to reformat my hard drive again.
  9. [FM10] FM09 Skin?

    It seems to be more pro-piracy anti-legal customer to be honest. The only people who wont get the 09 skin are those who buy the game and don't want to use steam. I'll never go near steam again, I just can't afford to or be bothered to reformat my harddrive again because of it. If SI want people to use steam I think they should be forced to inform customers of the dangers/problems.
  10. fm10 skin

    I think it's a bit different this time, normally it's just a problem with the look of the skin (the change from dark to light for FM08). This time the skin actually causes problems with usability. The continue button is in the worst possible place, no where near any other common functions and right next to the close, minimise and maximise buttons. The tab system is useless, switching between a few screens takes at least twice as many clicks. I wish they'd hurry up with the 09 skin and make it available without steam, I can't afford to risk another steam induced reformat.
  11. fm fan fancts i wanna know

    Age - 20 Occupation - Student First Management Game - Premier Manager 97 (Only 3D pitch I've ever liked) Favorite FM/CM title - FM08 Longest Stint - No idea Addictive Rating on Screen - Ummm, it was over 30 days. Highest Win - 21-0 in the World Club Cup on FM08 Worst Loss - 14-1 Vauxhall Motors vs. Arsenal in the FA Cup when I was in League 2 on FM08 Have you ever been late because of fm - Probably Have u ever missed work because of fm - No have u ever lied because of fm - No idea Have u ever missed anything important because of fm - No Weirdest thing you ever saw on fm - My player lobbing the opponents goalkeeper from the kickoff after my opponents had just equalised in injury time. (I have a video of it on my desktop, shame it's 80 miles away)
  12. The rating system is very dodgy, doesn't seem to reflect the actual performance, especially for laptops. My Desktop gets 3.5 stars and my laptop gets 0.5, the laptop is better in every possible way. I find that just ignoring the warnings and setting the game to a level that I think my PC will cope with is the way to do it.
  13. Real Everton

    It's a nice way to play the game, I had a good one going on 07 just like this. Sadly since then Everton seem to get seriously underrated, which is annoying, having to drop a good player because his FM stats were badly done. This year it seems that the worst cases are Howard and Pienaar, both are in the top few for their positions in the Prem yet their stats seem to suggest that they're Championship quality.
  14. FM09 skin for FM10

    I have had loads of problems with steam in the past and I don't see why anyone would want to install an extra unnecessary program to play FM. All it does is slow your computer down (or break it completely, had to completely restore 3 different PCs all because of steam). Hopefully someone that uses steam can upload the 09 skin somewhere for the sensible people to download.
  15. From what I've read on the forums it seems like the FM09 skin will only be available to people who buy the game from steam. Is this true and if it is why is this the case, it seems unfair that people who don't want to have steam clogging up their computer (or even those without the internet at home) don't get this content.