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  1. Thank you, but Steam seems to have updated and when I click that it shows..... no tools, which I why I asked since previously, obviously, that were the case, it is not like I am new to this 😉 Oh, restarting the client did not help Edit: never mind, found it, sorry! 🤣
  2. Might be me, but I can't find the pre-game editor, only the in-game editor... before it was always listed in tools, but that section on Steam is not there anymore? Or am I just stupid and not looking good enough? 😅
  3. For me, the balance is, well, on the high side... I cannot find the right article at the moment either 😅 I am not really sure why Chelsea loaned out Blackman, it seemed to me that Slutsky made clear that Pasveer is his first choice regardless whether Blackman is fit or not. I have always thought it to be a weird loan because of that. Obviously Chelsea would not loan out a player without certain incentives, but still... Also because Vitesse has attracted Lamprou as well. Though Vitesse has made some very weird choices in this transferperiod, I am pleasantly surprised they are 4th so far anyway, though with quite a lot of luck... 😅 Regarding Pasveer, I am inclined to believe it is a mixture of age, ca and reputation 😊
  4. Hi Red, a few things I noticed while playing with Vitesse Pasveer is in the reserves, while irl he is the first choice goalie. Blackman, who is injured and on loan from Chelsea, is, or seems to be, designated as first choice. The balance is €26M, and the transfer budget is €4,5M. Both are very generous since Vitesse 'lives' off Russian investments that keep the club afloat. I think I have read somewhere that the club has an 'eigen vermogen' of around €16M (let me look into that...). For me it is kinda subjective because of the massive losses the club has presented over the past few years. Going to be a challenge playing with them this year! Extremely limited selection... 😅 anyway, these were a few things I noticed, I haven't really had the chance to really get a deeper look 😉
  5. I simply think you misunderstood the question. Look, I do not know a thing about skin coding and do not need you to feel the need to ridicule my question, which has by the way, been asked before. KUBI has cleared it up for me it is the panels that have changed, which makes more sense and is more helpful than your reply.
  6. Are you trying to be smart or just a wiseass? Just wondering... Thank you, that should be a solution to the problems people are having
  7. A custom skin seems to cause problems giving team talk, can I please get some official feedback on this? I see more people having the very same problem and not given any feedback. I have switched back to the original dark skin and now I'm able to give team talks and the whole screen looks very different from the custom skin as well.
  8. The graphic packs I downloaded are downloaded over the course of several years, some are quite old, I removed all of them, but I'll get my hands on more recent ones, which hopefully will not trigger the issue again. Thanks for explaining it for me, and for solving the issue obviously, keep up the good work!
  9. All right, the game does not seem to crash anymore. Could you perhaps share the reason or cause why this might happen? Just out of curousity...
  10. All right, I'm going to remove these. I always copy them over from last year's edition. Let's see if it helps, I'll let you know! I don't run any anti-virus with the exception of Windows Defender and some anti-malware software...
  11. I got another crash. Only this time it happened when clicking on a player name right before a match (Team Selection). So to clarify: - During clicking on player names on Inbox News items; - During clicking on player names in Squad screen; - During clicking on player names in Team Selection before match begins; - It always seems to happen when clicking on player names to view their profiles; - Not been able to reproduce the occurence, RANDOM crashes. Is there a chance it might be my notebook's hardware leading to this? It's a quite old lappy of over five years old, still more than decent enough to run the game more than properly. I'll try to update this thread when similar crashes occur. FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.28 16.29.18).dmp
  12. That's the thing. It seems to occur completely random. I've been trying to reproduce the crash numerous times (because that would be helpful to you obviously), but to no avail. I've uploaded my most recent save to the FTP but I'm not sure if it would help you guys determining or solving this particular problem. It has occured when clicking player names in Inbox News items, and the latest two crash dumps are from when I clicked on player names in the Squad screen. Like I said, I've had similar crashes in FM16 (Never before FM16, and I've been an avid fan since CM01/02), would you like me to attach those crash dumps as well, as I still have these. The save's name is: Tempelman_game_crashes_randomly_when_clicking_links.fm Thanks for your response, James, I'm hoping I can be as helpful as possible, although I have to admit I'm making it difficult since it is random.
  13. Alright, now it is beginning to annoy me... Again two crashes, this time when clicking on player links in the player overview screen. On another note, I did update the .NET Framework and DirectX. FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.27 20.31.17).dmp FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.27 21.29.40).dmp
  14. Yes, I do, has that got something to do with it? Windows updates or something?
  15. I've recently experienced random crashes when clicking on a player name (to view their profiles) in inbox news items. I've experienced similar crashes in last year's version of the game, but never before that. It's sometimes irritating if you've just won an important match, but nonetheless, I've never had any crashes before and didn't think it would be worth mentioning. I've also been trying to replicate the crash but to no avail... I've attached two crash dumps. If this has been mentioned before, apologies. FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.19 21.03.27).dmp FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.22 20.40.30).dmp Edit: Game version: 17.3.1f939048 Edit 2: And a third crash... FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.22 21.55.50).dmp Edit 3: Fourth crash... FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.04.22 22.13.42).dmp
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