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  1. 1992 - 2012: The Greats

    Brilliant job mate, this is going to be a nice few season at inter
  2. Have the same issue with Parma. Just won the CL and have won the league 5 con seasons. Got lots and lots of money and always sold out, more or less. Still however, unable to ask my board for any of the stadium-related options so I guess ill keep playing cl-semis against barca and real at my awesome 22000 seats arena
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/85/paybackh.jpg/ I wonder if Mancio regrets selling him on the last day of the window to me, and getting put in the same group as me directly afterwards. Came in 2 points ahead of city in the group, 2nd place, and City 3rd
  4. Was about to write the same thing mate. He's been the revelation of all the major leagues so far this season imo, absolutely on fire atm.
  5. Working as a security advisor at a big hotel, so I sit around in a office with lots of monitors and video-surveillance and occasionally do some fire-safety work. My day-to-day chores set me back approx. 30mins of the 8 hours, and thing that "pop up" during the day another 1h or so give or take. Unless there is some famous person in the hotel tho, then I actually have to work, but this is only for a few days each week maximum
  6. Im guessing Real Madrid from the top of my head. Either them or Barca.
  7. Hahaha this thread should be my second home. In real life Im an Inter fan, and Im not sure if you know the story between Inter and Valencia in the CL 3(?) years back, when there was a big brawl after the final whistle and a Valencia player called David Navarro run from the bench onto the pitch and suckerpunched Inters Burdissio and then ran away. Plenty of red cards and suspensions were handed out, and Navarro got a 6 months susp. So, you might think justice had been done right? Think again. Navarro is a pretty average player, hes 29 when u start a game on fm10. EVERY time a start a save with a big team I aquire his services, often as a key player (u get him for around 2-3 mill punds), sign him for maximum length possible, and then make a own training sched. just for him. With only goalkeeping training. I then fine him something like every other month, never play him, not even as sub. When he complains to the media I tell him to train harder and earn a place (we all know that wont happen). Im pretty sure this petty behavior from my side has cost me alot in forms of success and team harmony, but it sure feels good.
  8. talent of a legend, mental stability of Syd Barrett.
  9. I have a job where I can play pretty much 6 of the 8 hours Im there Been playing about 1-2 hours a day at home aswell, and never watch 3D. Like the oldschool style were u kinda "feel" whats gonna happen by watching the speed and/or type of comments. And I look at the individual stats of my players. Have one savegame with Harrogate town in 2018, one with Inter in 2014, and a few 1-2 seasons with athl. Madrid and Valencia Come to think of it, Im actually a professional, seeing as my employer pays me to play FM !! (unknowingly, but whattahell )
  10. The first team that comes to mind here is my athletico Madrid team in fm 08. Playing a modified "kimz tactic" with : GK - Akinfeev RB - Micah Richards LB - cant remember CB - Ramos ( had like 30 goals a season for 3-4 cons. season due to the "corner-bug") CB - Sakho MC - gerrard MC - Xavi AMC - Messi AMC - Aguero AMC - C.Ronaldo ST - Bojan(remember a game in CL, away to inter. He scored 8 goals. Think it was around 2013) Were unbeaten in the league for something like 130 games, with a goal average of approx. 4 goals a game and 0.3-0.4 against. Needless to say I resigned and took charge of Fiorentina in serie B after a few years of total world domination
  11. The game is faster?

    Couldnt agree more, playing through a season is not 2-3 days anymore, more like 8 hours or so. Only annoying thing is the "bug" someone above mentioned, when u click continue it will sometimes lag and not start processing until a few secs after, making u think u missed the button Not a prob at all really, only a microscopic annoyance
  12. 4 seasons into my first save Looks like its all there.
  13. Ibra - Villa , Ibra as complete and Villa as poacher
  14. Just started my traditional first save as Inter Scoring for fun so far, but conceding atleast one a game on average aswell. Oh well, I guess Im a pupil of the "score one more than your opponent-school" then
  15. FM10 Launch problem

    1. restart comp 2. get files unlocked 3. verify integrity of game cache 4. wait for the download to finnish 5. play game worked for me atleast.