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  1. The greatest job on earth my xxx

    it did not download the patch so what do i do next please him got to wait and hour or two to download again
  2. The greatest job on earth my xxx

    it did not download the patch so could not try it whats going on
  3. The greatest job on earth my xxx

    did not work now getting very annoyed
  4. i got my copy of fm 09 install it then spent 16 hours with the key code thing finally done that. start to play and 1st thought was this is the best fm yet! however then it crash after a game the loading to the next game so i reinstall the game. fine for a bit the crash again d agian so i try to downlaod the patch three site at the end of every download was went wrong saying no ditaling id was detached so i have gave up and taking game back 2morw to get money back and will get a extra 3 months on live instead which is a shame cos the game it self looks great and i wish i could play without the game crashing so sorry si football manager live is out of this world maybe my time just have been spent on fm 09 and i hate to say that because i love the whole fm range but this one is not your best hope fm 10 is better but please not give in has fm 08 was a great game and the 3d is out of this world. when you can play it with out it crashing
  5. The Best Top 5 Young Players on FM08

    evans is outstanding hit 47 goals on loan at leeds 1st season
  6. Newcastle

  7. The HSBC Premier League 8.0.2 Clan Thread

    is there any teams left i would love to play in thet clag looks good
  8. Custom imaginary manager pictures right here

    yes that would be good thanks
  9. Newcastle

    hi there i am newcaslte in 1st season and playing well i have spend a lot of money ans got rid of a lot of players. sold owen martins given milner vinka but i am playing with wing back and play really well
  10. Custom imaginary manager pictures right here

    you are so good mate a jose one would be so good if you can i know u are getting lots of request so only if u have time