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  1. Might be another file doing that, I have the same issue to but I load waaaaaaaay too many mods with my games
  2. A Malaysian file (I believe fictional) has been posted elsewhere, you'll have to FMScout it yourself because I'm unsure what the rules are for posting external sites (I believe I have broken said rule if it exists sorry). You will need to verify it with the latest update as I believe it is a vanilla FM24 file only though.
  3. I did make a fictional 4 tier Singapore Pro/Rel file which I might post onto here, keep in mind I am gonna probably have to make a few changes to update the file. However I would be happy to post that if people want (and I think it's good enough)
  4. Gonna ask again if you have any youth tournaments, I had some on FM23 but they can't be verified anymore
  5. I downloaded and fixed up regional rules for an Australian file which hadn't done them correctly, however, when I load this specific file with multiple other files, regional divisions are ignored and teams just randomly just transfer between different leagues within the same parent comp, despite being set to a specific competition. What changes can I make to the file to fix this. Please do not respond with "don't load multiple files." If I didn't want to work out another solution, I wouldn't have made this post.
  6. How have Victoria Hotspurs gone since you got sacked?
  7. I'd personally prefer to see a file with continental comps, even if this means removing NCAA
  8. Back to the matchday updates I see. Good start so far, fingers crossed that it sets the pace for a great season!
  9. Yeah it's pretty hard to get investment into saves tbf, I have been following along, however haven't really spoken. Also do you mind if I get the Cypriot file you used?
  10. Will this be updated for 24.3 or 24.4 when it drops?
  11. Don't think it ever did unfortunately, which is a shame it's quite a good database, as was as the Evo one that was uploaded last FM which is now steam only
  12. Ah I forgot about Reading and Wigan, might take a look around the file, also I'm curious, have you ever thought about adding level 11 as a unplayable league for promotion/relegation?
  13. Which teams have them, it's just Everton, Southend and Torquay that I'm aware of. F**k I just saw Forest
  14. Have you gone to rules for Turkey and done required teams there?
  15. As an Australian, you are my favourite person ever mate! Lifetime contract.
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