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  1. If you're playing in the MLS do you have to play as the bottom club from either conference or whoever has the lowest points?
  2. [FM11] My Travels

    I'm set to start a career game based on my real life travels around the world. I'm using a fairly slow computer so updates and progress may be a tad slow! Starting off as manager of Brighton, my home city, before moving onto a Canadian team (where I currently live, there is no Terrace team so i'll have to play as another B.C. based team). I'll then return to England for short time, before moving to Egypt, Greece, Italy, USA and then return to Canada. Leagues Loaded: England (League Two) Canada (PCSL) Egypt (Premier League) Greece (Football League) Italy (Serie B) USA (MLS) Wish me luck!
  3. Can't wait to start this, just holidayed and am going to play as S.S. San Giovanni! Will do a proper update at the season start. Wish me luck guys!
  4. A Canadian Adventure (Partly based on a true story) A Story of love, bears and football How had things come to this? A loyal Brighton and Hove Albion fan, who had never before left England I was now sitting in charge of Vancouver Football Club. Surreal doesn't begin to describe it. Lets wind the clock back a year or so. I was renting a crummy, dingy little flat in Brighton, just across the road from a drug rehab clinic, and slightly up the road from a brothel. Everything on my doorstep eh? My lifestyle consisted of 3 things – work, alcohol and football. Whilst I was never of the quality to be a professional footballer, I did have a tiny amount of ability. Though even the thought of it made my alcohol and nicotine stained lungs groan. But I knew I had to work in football. Work on the other hand, I was really pretty good at. Shame that it's just a call centre then. It was only a matter of time before repitition set in, and yet two years later, I was still stuck in the same job. Then I met her – she caught my eye the very first day she walked into the office. She was gorgeous, like something from a film. What was she doing in a minimum wage call centre? She could have been a model. She could have been ANYTHING SHE WANTED. It took around 3 weeks to pluck up the courage to talk to her. It was strange, i'd never had confidence issues with the fairer sex before, but she had really stopped me in my tracks. After a few conversations, I discovered she was engaged. I couldn't begin to fathom how this was possible, as I knew that she was to be mine. I made it my mission, my life goal, to be with her. It just so happened that she befriended an old office flame of mine, who I remained close with. A few weeks of flirty banter later, a night out was arranged. Great, I thought, this would be my opportunity to tell her how I felt. It didn't turn out like that. 3 pitchers of Jagermeister and Red Bull later, I was ready to go clubbing. But £1 drinks are not all that they are cracked up to be, let me tell you. To be continued...
  5. [SPOILERS] -9 Potential Experiment

    and are 17 or under
  6. I have created a team of players that have -9 for potential ability and are 17 or under. I've put the team, "Potential FC" into the English League Two, and am going to holiday for a few seasons to see how they develop. I've given them a 10,000 all-seater stadium with 200,000 expansion capacity, and also top youth facilities and youth academy. The budget has been set at £10,000,000. Where possible, the players have had 20 for the set positional attribute. So for example, 20 as a right back, central defender etc. Matej Delac GK Jack Butland GK Alphonse Areola GK Romario DR Serge Aurier DR Tomas Kalas DC Tobias Figueiredo DC Tony Huston DC Raphael Varane DC Jack Robinson DL Lucas Digne DL Zeli Ismail MR Stephan El Shwaary MR Josh McEachran MC Ouasim Bouy MC Zakaria Labyad MC Raphael Houlhazer MC Toni Silva ML Iker Munain ML Marko Livaja ST Francisco Alcacer ST Lucas Piazon ST Marko Maletic ST Piotr Parzyzek ST Any suggestions on how best to go about this would be greatly appreciated
  7. Disillusioned with the game...

    Also don't think I have changed tactics, formation or training since about FM 2006. Just kinda feels like a fantasy football game now, where I just sign players and see what happens. Maybe it's more realistic, but i'm just not having as much fun.
  8. I never thought I would say those words. The thing is, the game for me now kinda seems on auto-pilot. I'm playing Dafuge's challenge and I just can't seem to muster up any enthusiasm for it. I'm into League 2 in my 3rd season, without touching tactics or training. I've signed players that my scouts have recommended and it all just seems out of my hands. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make the game exciting for me again?
  9. If you are creating a league structure, do you tend to sort out the kits, stadiums etc aswell, or do you just make the league playable? Just wondering as i'm having a somewhat torrid time creating the Suriname league...
  10. Surinam and Guyana Leagues

    It turns out that the Suriname database in the game is, frankly, shocking. Lots of top division teams missing, a severe lack of stadiums etc. Going to have to create some new cities, stadiums and clubs. Not quite as straightforward as I first imagined but i'm getting there.
  11. I'm currently working on the Suriname and Guyana leagues. I'd be happy to assist you in any way I can with these leagues.
  12. The Greatest Football Teams of All Time

    I basically just ripped the team list from a website, which is why I was looking for suggestions may make it a 20-team league.
  13. I'm considering creating a "Greatest Football Teams of All Time" update. However, as it consists of both club and national teams, i'm trying to work out the best way of doing it. The teams i'm looking to create are: Brazil 1958 Real Madrid 1960 Celtic 1967 Brazil 1970 Ajax 1972 Bayern Munich 1974 France 1984 Liverpool 1984 France 1998 Manchester United 1999 I was thinking of doing it as a 10 team league, and creating a new, neutral "Legends" ranking to prevent any national team conflicts. I'd love to hear your feedback on this, either on the structure of the competition or the participating teams...
  14. Surinam and Guyana Leagues

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