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  1. Looking at Miles' comment up there it seems that a lot of this has been handed to an outsider. I don't think SI can do a lot about this. Maybe they were promised things that somebody is now seriously struggling to deliver?
  2. Given SIs previous propensity for false positives here ("stealing food from our tables...hahahaha"), I find this a little iffy when IP addresses are supposedly being collected.
  3. If I'd had a good PC rather than a console over the last few years it would slip down the chart for me but it's top at the moment (subject to CM counting).
  4. Yes, but it's not finished. It's been more than worthwhile for me because I haven't played since FM11 so the leaps forward mean that I can tolerate the niggles.
  5. I would not recommend a 14 inch screen for FM now. I'm playing on one now and the screen seems cluttered and chaotic because of the amount of information on display. I find it much easier to deal with on a bigger screen.
  6. I had the same problem and found a new key in the box. Try activating that. Your game should be 14.1.2.
  7. I moved my graphics out, then moved them back. Now I have no player pictures. Brilliant.
  8. The 'Downloads' button doesn't work for me. I click it and nothing happens.
  9. As someone who plays on a 14 inch ultrabook I would strongly suggest either going for a bigger screen or connecting to a monitor. All of those will run the game fine. The first is cheapest for a reason but would still do the job.
  10. I'm not worried about it. If SI can optimise it further - great, but the aesthetic difference between Medium and High doesn't seem to be much and the 3D match view isn't anywhere near the most important part of the game.
  11. Radeon HD 7570 1GB in my laptop. Not a good card at all but nice and smooth on Medium at 1080p. I tried High but it's choppy. Seems that FM's match view really doesn't ask for much.
  12. Mine's on 5 stars for performance but tbh it's not a great processor (i5-3337U). It runs pretty well but I only do the English league and a few others View-only. I don't think the measurements are very accurate.
  13. A couple of niggles that I'll post in the bugs forums if they're not already there, but generally I'm hugely impressed by this. I haven't bought the last two games because I got bored of the whole thing (had been playing since CM 93/94 and worked for 9 months as a tester on FM09 and 10) so this is obviously going to appear to be a bigger step forward than it will for most, but I'm actually enjoying FM for the first time in years. The main things for me are transfer negotiations and tactics. I hated the sliders. At the moment I feel like the instructions and roles give me more than enough control and are much more accessible. Edit: Would also point out that having my new 24 inch monitor instead of the 14 inch screen has made a huge difference to my enjoyment of the game. The mass of information on the screen has gone from overwhelming to extremely valuable. But on the negative side, I'm not exaggerating when I say that my eyes actually hurt from the brightness. I know there will be many other skins available but I really think SI should offer something less bright from day one.
  14. The last FM I played was FM11 so this is taking a bit of getting used to. I'm on a 14 inch ultrabook and tbh it's a bit of a struggle with so much information on each screen (and the undying obsession with a bright white UI!). Looking forward to my 24 inch monitor getting delivered at the weekend. Issues with my small screen and brightness aside, it's really impressive how far the game's moved on. It just seems like so much more of a professional product now. I haven't got to playing any matches yet but the improved transfer system is what's impressed me so far. Definitely much more helpful. When you're only a few quid apart on a valuation it's much easier now to get it negotiated.
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