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  1. Thanks a bunch for your help. This seems to have done the trick. I'm off to enjoy the save now
  2. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Should this work by just replacing the U19s in the dropdown box under 'Reserve Teams To Create' with U23s and U18s?
  3. As a neutral observation: FM17 is clearly trending downwards, but I find it hard to see an upward trend in concurrent FM18 users.
  4. Thanks, I totally agree. That's what I mentioned I indeed do.
  5. That's a bit unfair, isn't it? I'm just voicing my opinion on the direction the game is going. I'm enjoying the game, while essentially turning off a number of features I don't like. So it would make sense for me to argue for developing the parts of the game I do like. To briefly react to your first comment: Mourinho won't sit down with a prospective player to decide how much he would earn per goal. On the tactics side I would like to be able to freely develop my own tactics without having to be Wenger myself. This may be an exaggeration, but some more (official) communication or guidance on what instructions and roles do or don't do would be welcome if you don't like going back to simpler times (i.e. earlier FM versions).
  6. Just to add my two cents to this thread: while I see FM is getting closer to real life with each iteration, it is not something I enjoy in the game. I've played every game from 2006 up until 2017 (minus 2010 and 2015), spending about 400 hours in each, but I've refrained from buying 2018. The last couple of editions I've delegated increasingly more tasks to the backroom staff, mostly because: - I don't have or want to spend time to study each opposition team to tweak my tactics - I don't want to deal with repetitive media questions and press conferences ('Yes, for the umpteenth time, it ís probably easier to make a deal with a manager you get along with') - I don't want to negotiate a gazillion different contract clauses and bonuses - I've given up on trying to set up training regimes as my players don't seem to react well to them (when I play a passing game and want my 11-passing midfielder to work on it, why does he get to say he wants to work on corners instead?) In addition I play the same 4-1-2-3 tactic everytime as it seems to work quite consistently and anything else just falls apart. So on a line from 'game' to 'RL simulation' I'd prefer sticking closer to the 'game' side. What I do enjoy in these games is old school scouting, developing youngsters and the addition of the RPG-y manager. So I'd like to see more on these in next versions.
  7. I'd like to replace the U19 squads in the Irish and Scottish leagues with U23s and U18s. I've managed to create these for the Scottish leagues in the editor/Reserve Rules and the games seems to schedule games for them. However, when using this method for the Irish Leagues it doesn't work and U19 squads remain. Any idea what's going wrong? Are the Irish leagues/nation set up differently from the Scottish ones?
  8. Continent: Europe Division: any, looking for a pretty evenly matched division where a number of teams could challenge for the title Media Prediction: any Board Expectation(s): any Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: any Other: I'm basically looking for a club that could finish in the top 6 spots of its league, where competition for these spots is strong. If possible, I'd like some decent youth facilities as well.
  9. I'm looking for some clarification and advice on FM Touch versus the full version. I've skipped the last edition of FM as I've found it hard to enjoy the saves I've had in FM13 and 14. The media and player handling just isn't for me: I'm having a hard time understanding reactions and how to respond to them. It's become a chore to me. Also, while I enjoy setting up tactics, I don't enjoy meticulous tinkering throughout the season and during a match. So the development of Touch should suit me well. I do, however, enjoy managing the backroom staff and controlling the U18's, which are features absent from Touch. So my question is: is it possible for me to start a save on the full version, leaving player and media handling to the assistant, and going 'light' on the tactics side? Or would my teams struggle as I'm not devoting enough time to tactics and people management?
  10. I've used this formation when I started a Southampton save three seasons ago. I found the center of the final third gets crowded when using an AMC. I then put the player in a regular MC slot and my players have been performing excellently. I consistently get MotM awards even when losing a game.
  11. Why would you not deal with these agents? It's not like refusing them will make them learn to do better for their client next time. Just put in an offer that seems reasonable and then start the negotiations.
  12. :-) (also didn't get it at first, but then I googled ánd noticed your location...)
  13. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll give it a try this afternoon.
  14. Nation: Anywhere in the EU Division: lower if higher rep division, higher if lower rep division European Competition: don't mind Media Prediction: don't mind Board Expectation(s): anything but promotion Transfer Budget: don't mind Wage Budget: don't mind Finances: don't mind Other: I'm looking for a team for a long term save with which I can build up the facilities to eventually have a home grown team. I've tried this before, but can't get into it because of a lack of interest during the first couple of years. So an additional consideration is to have a solid mid-table team already, that upon retirement I can eventually offer staff jobs. Make it interesting!
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