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  1. the biggest problem for us should be if you play tall striker as our defenders are not tall enough.
  2. SLOVENIA: HANDANOVIC - goalkeeper BRECKO - fullback JOKIC - fullback CESAR - limited defender SULER - limited defender KOREN - deeplying playmaker RADOSAVLJEVIC - ball winning midfielder BIRSA - inside forward KIRM - winger DEDIC - defensive forward NOVAKOVIC - deeplying / Target man ..ball to feet
  3. my keeper currently has 655 league apps...i will count the rest of it and tell you
  4. ok..i have this guy in my team, playing magnificently, not taking free kicks yet though..so i have a question his flair is 20, passing 16, creativity 19, finishing 16, decisions 15 and most importantly technique 19. SO he is smart enough to decide what to do, he can do unexpected whenever he wants to and his technique and other of technical stats are good enough for him to do that.. so he should be perfect for free kick taker? and i have another question..i used to have a defender who had good technique but everything else average (free kicks, finishing,...).despite that, i told him to learn SHOOTS FREE KICKS WITH POWER and he scored numerous goals.. So a player with low finishing and free kicks is better just to shoot with power if their technique is good enough..make a good shot, hit it good, if it goes into the goal ok, but i wont happen as often as it would if he had better long shots and free kicks and finishing,...
  5. heh brilliant plan good luck in those matches
  6. Your age limits?

    i have 35 year old verratti and he just signed a new 2 year contract - he is a clubs legend - and thats how clubs legends should be treated.. (he plays then 5-10 matches per season)
  7. Your greatest FM careers

    One of my favourite was with my local team NK Krka (who started in slovenian second division) and i managed ti win UCL 5 times with them Currently i play with Wolves and i am in 2027 and i am just one league title away from breaking Man Utd record I wil probably play this game until december
  8. Cracking regens

    poor flair, agression, flair, pace, long throws, stamina, strength
  9. Do you get a sense of pride?

    i am in 2027 now and i have a player who i brought to wolves in second season, aged 17, he broke egiptian record for most goals scored, he has more then 120 international caps, he broke legendary Steve Bulls most league goals record and he is now 33 years old having won 70 competitions in his career and won numerous awards. i made his mind and now he is sure that when he retires he will continue his career as a coach with a view of going into management. i cant wait
  10. Do you get a sense of pride?

    best thing apart from having a son: get a player from your academy, train him well, he becomes a star for your team and national team, win many awards, he retires as a clubs legend, he becomes a coach at your team, he is promoted to assistant manager, he leaves your team to manage some other team and is very sucesfull at it (preferably finishes second in the league and you first)
  11. Libero

    would Lucio be good playing as a sweeper? he is great defensively and always love to go forward
  12. isnt kolpak ruling something about EU residents being able to work anywhere in EU countries..?
  13. Man City i hate them in game, just dislike them IRL they make a brilliant team but the player that always performed amazing against me was Tevez..the guy scored probably in every match..his running, tackling my defenders was just amazing...i kinda admire him for that then they bought Dzeko aswell... TEVEZ-DZEKO double trouble...but winning 15 consecutive Premiership titles makes me forget it now i sell my players to city for 60 millions and they still cant win anything
  14. haha..who wouldnt listen to goikoetxea i bet players are afraid of him
  15. set my striker to train

    after he learnes it you can ask him to unlearn it