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  1. Glad to see someone else playing as Sunderland. End of first season you can raise a lot of funds selling players (i got over 150m) so you can really rebuild if you stay up.
  2. I have lukaku (paid 40m) and he is top draw. He has all the attributes you need in a top striker, you won't replace him with anyone near as good. Build your team around him
  3. I wouldnt go for Hughes, i dont think he is as good as Wijnaldum. He also starts with a serious injury too so that will have hampered his development. You can get better for that money
  4. Definitely peruzzi and balanta Aswell as Lucas Romero. You could also try ajer and fossum. Andrija zivkovic is a 100 per cent must buy. Also look at the loan market. For English players I'd try zach clough and demerai gray (3.5m release clause).
  5. I'm in the champions league and sold players to over 200m in the summer
  6. Good luck getting rid of Rodwell, im coming to the end of season 3 and he is still here. He hasnt really had an injury but is down to half a star ability and potential. He has constantly been loaned out, just waiting for his contract to run down.
  7. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Anthony Martial Your Team: Sunderland Buyer/Seller: Man Utd Player's Value: 20.5m Offer: 23.5m Transfer/Wage Budget: 87m Patch: Latest Season: January 2018 He's 22 now and hasnt played all that many games, is he exceptional on fm16?
  8. Season 2016/17 Transfers No sooner had the transfer window opened than i had an offer from Ziyech from Manchester City; i found him very inconsistent and after he asked to leave i decided to start negotiations. They eventually offered 25m which i decided to accept. I spent the majority of the money on his replacement, Angel Correa, who i believe is a much better player anyway. I was happy to lose Kaboul and Defoe as they were on enormous wages. Aaron Cresswell came in for 8.75m which i found to be very reasonable considering that he is English. The rest of the money was spent on young play
  9. I have noticed that about the tactical familiarity too. How much did you sign Donnarumma for? I forgot to search for him at the start. I havent posted my second season round up yet but im half way through my 3rd season and going really well, ive built up an amazing squad in such a short space of time.
  10. Season 2015/2016 I took over Sunderland in July 2015 and on the first day i was told that there were no funds for transfers and there was very little room for manouvere in terms of wage budget allowance. I did however manage to convince Short to allow me to re-invest the majority of incoming transfer funds (95%). I decided the best way to be successful would be to completely dismantle the squad, selling anybody that would fetch a decent price, obviously the players that Dick just signed wouldnt leave in the first window but they happen to be the ones that id rather keep anyway (Borini and Le
  11. Thats actually a very good idea. I was lucky and sold O'Shea to Celtic straight away and loaned out Brown for 80% of his wages.
  12. Is that Andrija Balic? I have him and he is quality. Shifting players as Sunderland is the best way to go as it can give you a lot of freedom to reshape the squad as the existing players are on such big wages. I would definitely have Johnson and lens starting games, I sold aj but he can be quality and his value shoots up, borini was pretty poor for me.
  13. I know i said in the opening posts that Johnson should be sold but i have seen posts from people that have sold him for 30m after the first season so maybe he should be kept.
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