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  1. Quick question is all: When checking a previous game, how do I see who provided the assists? Obviously when you click through to previous match you are greeted by the information screen which shows the result. How do I see who provided the assists for these goals AFTER I have continued on past the game? When you do you post-match team talk it shows you who has assisted, but sometimes I skip this by accident and can never find a screen with the assist information.
  2. There are plenty of examples of good managers getting sacked. Mourinho and Ancelotti are two examples. A few bad results and boom. Stupid decisions exist and the game tries to replicate that.
  3. Billion + with Chelsea on 05 or 07 or 08. Can't remember which.
  4. Wallys update

    I don't know where to extract this to? I extracted it to the db folder but it doesn't show up when I select "new game" :S
  5. Strangest Country of Origin

    Anguilla. Its near the Antilles. There are always amazing potential'd regens from the weirdest places...
  6. Japan in FM08. Quick question.

    If one takes over Japan though, can you call up the Japanese players yourself? I've never tried Germany or Japan's national sides.
  7. 23!! what the hell! I thought that Hearts having 7 was mental
  8. This game blows...

    Play as Rangers or Celtic in the Scottish League. The game suddenly becomes fun when the only challenge is one other team. That's if you like winning all the time anyway.
  9. People normally just save the game if I recall correctly. Once a game is finished, click continue and you'll be taken to the results page. Click on the score of the game (0-0, 1-0, 1-3 etc) and down aboot the play/pause button on the left will be a save button.
  10. International stadiums

    Been playing since '05 and never seen it.
  11. As someone who uses the FM Genie Scout, I would totally desire this feature, because often I buy the good youths and then often if they're not progressing as fast as I'd like, I sell them to smaller clubs where they're played more often and even eventually get good. Then they're sold after a year or so having progressed muchly and I lost out.
  12. Getting 'Too Good'

    ^ Buffon, Cech or Casillas.
  13. Hey FM'ers, Does anyone know if there will be an option thrown into 09 that will allows us to put first option clauses into contracts? It happens in real life, two examples: Rossi & Albert Serrán Polo
  14. future transfers

    If the player has a future transfer to Lazio then I assume it would be cancelled if you became the new manager, with the aforementioned future tranfer having been 'arranged' (in the games mind) by the previous manager.
  15. SWaRFeGa, Some interesting ones on yours, like Spartak Moscow runners up! Nice.