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  1. Quick question is all: When checking a previous game, how do I see who provided the assists? Obviously when you click through to previous match you are greeted by the information screen which shows the result. How do I see who provided the assists for these goals AFTER I have continued on past the game? When you do you post-match team talk it shows you who has assisted, but sometimes I skip this by accident and can never find a screen with the assist information.
  2. There are plenty of examples of good managers getting sacked. Mourinho and Ancelotti are two examples. A few bad results and boom. Stupid decisions exist and the game tries to replicate that.
  3. I don't know where to extract this to? I extracted it to the db folder but it doesn't show up when I select "new game" :S
  4. Yeah but then there is no competition, we beat orkney nearly everytime! What was it last time... 4-0?
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