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  1. Football manager 2009 demo

    its the return of footy manager 4 by the sound v things im downloading now and in an hour i hope im plesently suprised
  2. FM 2009 Idea: Unlockables

    I dont like the idea of unlockables as such, but certain news items which appeared as time went on would be cool.the rarer the better because we all love finding a hidden gem or easter egg in the game
  3. These forums

    a feature to see if established posters or SI/SEGA/MODS had posted in a topic would allow me to quickly see the ones worth reading with proffesional opinion in if it would be possible
  4. i dont know if SI are still looking at this thread in consideration for 09. My main wish-list or possible improvements would be: Increased variation in media. International management improved a little more. More links and quicker ways to go about things. Extremely helpful would be a button to make a player available for the reserves rather than having to go into the menu. So on the squad screen. The extra buttons on news items is one of the unsung positives of the latest version in my eyes! More manager interaction. The transfer centre showing all the criterea for different loan deals offered and the abiity to quickly view this when looking through the offers ths being able to choose the best one for your club quickly. The transfer offer/ enquiry system being slightly tweaked ( less silly negotiation[jumping from a ridiculously high valuation to accepting a much lower offer by the AI], more straight to the point acception/ rejection as in real life its pretty rare for a club to tell you a players sale price! ) More incentives. promises available to offer players in contract offers possibly? Improved tactics & training more interaction between the two. I likes the ideas in the bootroom fanzine. Maybe a bit OTT but could slightly be implemented (the set piece trainer) More recognition for yourself as a manager as you progress in time on the game. More recognition of your titles earned and ability to transform/ improve clubs. More one off individual events occuring that rarely happen. Would add a bit more of a personal feel to the game. Especially as time goes on so the game feels less repetitive and more exciting and refreshing. Some things which would be interesting and satisfying would be: More range of media stories, some which occur very rarely. News items whch are unique and new occuring as you progress. Ie when you have had a certain amount of time in management. eg. News item such as: Tomas has now reached his [nth] year/match as a manager, a number of people including have thanked him for his time and passion for the game. He has managed at [Clubs]His honours so far have been the [Trophy] with [Club] And he is currently managing with [CLub] Or something alternative/ different for manaing for a long time at a club or achieving a trophy more than once etc. Great players/ managers honours being noted in the game whence they retire.
  5. ^ the staring there was the word solutions but the 'o' was missing! damn editing!
  6. well i have to say in recent weeks i have had a ressurgance in my playing time on fm08. Rather than moaning about these supposed 'bugs' i have tried to work my tactics in a more efficient way and used players with the relevent stats to implement these tactics and it has worked. Im getting sick of people moaning about this, they are obviously the type who expect there to be one tactic to rule them all, when there isnt and this shows the match engine is much more detailed and is affected by far more different events than previous ones. People need to play this (and do remember it is a game, not an actual life simulator) SI is not god and cant get everything right. Their responces on this topic repeatedly explain to these people with grumbles why this might be happening with referance to in game ****ions but people just moan on and dont listen! I am startin to only respect opinions on these forums of SI/Sega staff moderators and highly ranked posters because of the constant critisism, destructive argument and bullying of these doom mongers. I am sorry to say this aswell because everyone is entitled to their opinion. People need to be reprimanded for this constant negative angry, bullying attitude because its becoming an unneccessary epidemic. SI make this great game and dont need people to basically just cowardly bully them. Start to support them or they might loose the strenght to answer to this anger. I hope the message gets through to people and constructive ideas on development and enhancement of FM can be created which will only improve and enhance the game. Thanks for the cooperation and interaction boys involved in the game- keep it up!
  7. These forums

    Hey all, This is the first time I have posted on the board but I have been reading through the forum for years back to the old CM days. The one thing that seems to have changed over time is the patience customers have for errors/ bugs occuring in the game. Also the SI staff seem to have less and less relevent info or progress reports being shown in the forums, and more one line put downs, or answers like 'check this page or this post or look at this or that' causing people to be fustrated when they have paid money for what is not a fully working product and it doesnt seem (althought there probally is alot going on behind the scenes) that SI are taking peoples views into full account. In my opinion in the last couple of FM's it seems as if there are less and less new features being implemented in the game and more minor tweaks or things which should have been doe years agao being brought in (improved international management or improved scouting) and even though there are less new features there seems to be more bugs taking longer to fix! If we were given more of an outline of what was being fixed and a reealiostic timescale alot more people would be happy. A list at the top of the page of things that SI were looking into in the game would reduce repeated reporting of the same issues and people getting fustrated and vicious about what they were feeling were in game bugs. I feel like the last few Fms seem to be a slight bit repetetive and less fun. If there were thing which developed as the game went along or little thing put in to make everyones game different (for example the media questions being more varying or the occurance of one off events) For example my friend in one of the old CM's had a player banned for 6 months from all compotitions for headbutting the fereree. This was both something quite funny and origional to hi that had occured and it transpired into a talking point amoungst friends. It is hard to qrite down exactly what i am saying but i hope other people might get the gist of what i am saying. I might sound a little negative here but obviously i cant deny that the makers and developers/ testers must put a huge amount of effort into FM and for that I and alot of other people will be forever gratefull and the game is alot better than the copotition so they are obviously on the right track. It would just be nice to see a bit of origionallity and personal interaction more in the game and a bit more cooperation and sympathy for the gamer on the forum. Thankyou for your time.(sorry i rambled on a bit) Tomas.