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  1. i dont know if SI are still looking at this thread in consideration for 09. My main wish-list or possible improvements would be: Increased variation in media. International management improved a little more. More links and quicker ways to go about things. Extremely helpful would be a button to make a player available for the reserves rather than having to go into the menu. So on the squad screen. The extra buttons on news items is one of the unsung positives of the latest version in my eyes! More manager interaction. The transfer centre showing all the criterea for different loan deals offered and the abiity to quickly view this when looking through the offers ths being able to choose the best one for your club quickly. The transfer offer/ enquiry system being slightly tweaked ( less silly negotiation[jumping from a ridiculously high valuation to accepting a much lower offer by the AI], more straight to the point acception/ rejection as in real life its pretty rare for a club to tell you a players sale price! ) More incentives. promises available to offer players in contract offers possibly? Improved tactics & training more interaction between the two. I likes the ideas in the bootroom fanzine. Maybe a bit OTT but could slightly be implemented (the set piece trainer) More recognition for yourself as a manager as you progress in time on the game. More recognition of your titles earned and ability to transform/ improve clubs. More one off individual events occuring that rarely happen. Would add a bit more of a personal feel to the game. Especially as time goes on so the game feels less repetitive and more exciting and refreshing. Some things which would be interesting and satisfying would be: More range of media stories, some which occur very rarely. News items whch are unique and new occuring as you progress. Ie when you have had a certain amount of time in management. eg. News item such as: Tomas has now reached his [nth] year/match as a manager, a number of people including have thanked him for his time and passion for the game. He has managed at [Clubs]His honours so far have been the [Trophy] with [Club] And he is currently managing with [CLub] Or something alternative/ different for manaing for a long time at a club or achieving a trophy more than once etc. Great players/ managers honours being noted in the game whence they retire.
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