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  1. Just a little update: these changes seem to have helped a lot. With a WBd or WBs on both sides, the midfielders have more passing options and the whole team just seems to be performing in a more coherent way. Another little change that I made was to take off the 'run at defence' TI. When looking at longer highlights, I noticed that players dawdled on the ball a bit too long, which allowed the opposition to get back into shape. When I took that TI off, they seemed to play early balls more often, which often left the opposition defence in all sorts of trouble. I had put that TI on because I
  2. Great tips, thank you. Make sense about the set pieces, my attackers are good enough to cause trouble at this level without trying to force the issue. I'll try the defensive WB too. Solutions that don't require signing new players are always preferable due to financial constraints.
  3. Small but annoying issue here. I'm playing in the German lower leagues (using a steam workshop add-on, perhaps this is relevant?) and I often sign players on amateur contracts (€0 per week). My board sometimes complains about this wage being too high, which is a bit silly. See screenshot, can upload save if needed.
  4. Thanks for the tips. A carrilero on the left already seems to be helping. I'm a bit stuck on the right because my right-backs are, well, poor. So I was trying to compensate for the lack of width with an attacking mezzala. I think my close-season shopping will be for a right-back that can attack. The 'play for set-pieces' is because my AM is really good at them and my CDs score quite a bit because they're good in the air. What are the drawbacks of playing with this TI?
  5. I'll give the carrilero a shot, thanks for the tip. Yeah morale isn't great at the moment. Somehow my abjectly misfiring strikers are still delighted with life, so that's something.
  6. Morning everyone, I'm playing in the German lower leagues (really fun and difficult challenge, since mostly only one team gets promoted out of every regional league) and had been doing well up until a few weeks ago. I developed this tactic primarily because I have an outstanding AM and two excellent strikers, and not much else besides (well, I have debt, does that count?). Most teams go ultra-defensive against us, so this really attacking approach has been working well. Generally we win comfortably, especially away from home, and we generally rack up quite a few goals if we get an early g
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