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  1. I tried default Tiki Taka and gegenpress for chelsea and it is not too easy to score goals. @knap is there a formation that uses AMC and Wingers? I find with the amount of top players being AM and Wingers not playing a formation that uses them is a waste.
  2. Its not visible in the screenshot. At the bottom you get option for year, start year, end year. 2000 is just the base year. It's not this. I have tested this out too. The dates work fine as the standard window is shown from 2022 onwards but the actual transfer limitation does not work at all.
  3. No its not that. They are set to start from 2022 after first 3 years of limited transfer window. I have tried changing type to foreign transfers only or can't buy players who have played 5 games in same division but nothing works.
  4. Anyone? Can't get this to work at all. Transfers still happen between clubs in same league.
  5. Guys I am trying to stop transfer within league teams for the first three seasons. I have tried using 'Cannot buy from same division or lower' or 'foreign transfers only' but it doesn't seem to be working. I have tried changing stuff nothing seems to be working. Can anyone guide what i am doing wrong? I want the first 3 seasons to not have any transfers within the same league.
  6. Yes pre-game editor. I have 300 players moved to 25 newly created clubs (12 each). The game will be simulated and rest of the team and staff will be built by AI over time. As such i don't want those 300 players to be sold which happens in my testing. I want them to stay at their respective clubs for at a minimum of 3 years. I can ban transfers for 3 years as the rest of the team needs to be built. I read about using future transfers to make them stay but in the editor even when i set a future transfer it is not showing up. For example the current contract is 1/7/19 to 30/6/20 and i set fu
  7. Actually its a custom league of 25 teams with 12 chosen player picks and a manager for each team. Rest of the team would be setup by the AI with eventual signings of players and staff, that is why can't do a transfer ban. I want the drafted players to remain at their teams for at-least first 3 years before being allowed to move. Currently the players get sold early and its not what i want to happen.
  8. I am trying to keep a player at the club by adding future transfer. But for some reason it doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone guide how to make it work?
  9. Hi, Made a custom league with custom teams and added players to it. I want them to stay at their clubs for at least 2-3 seasons before being allowed to transfer. I i wish there was a transfer window option of 'incoming transfers only' I have read about adding future transfer but how does that work?
  10. Thanks. It worked as i increased both nation and club co-efficient and they qualified for next season.
  11. Hi guys, I edited Andorra nation and added a single league with 25 teams and 1 Main cup. I want top 6 qualification spots for UCL and Europa like the EPL. How do i go around that they get added to UCL after first season ends?
  12. Holidayed till 2036. Seems to be working well. World Premier League winners World Club Cup
  13. Just loaded this and am letting it run indefinitely with 5-10 yr plan. What should be looked at to see if everything is working fine?
  14. Have always wanted to but never bothered before but finally want to change the stats that are shown when you are progressing the game. I want to see stats from leagues i want like the distance run, goals conceded,etc and not random unknown leagues and players. Any easy way to customize it?
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