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  1. I just can't really get into the game, for the first time ever! I'm a spurs fan so naturally started as Spurs, decided to play without first window budgets to see how it goes, I play a very similar formation every year on FM with spurs, 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2. I've tried all of these and none of them are effective whatsoever and it's beginning to annoy me a bit! Dembele doesn't fit into the team at all! Dempsey and Sigurdsun seem useless, defensively leaking goals and can't really seem to score many, anyone else having trouble getting into the game and really enjoying it? Maybe it's just me but I've given up managing spurs for now and will try other challenges for a while to get more used to the game, but there is no way my spurs team with the tactics I've got set should be as poor as they are!
  2. Good news it I managed to get through the game without it quitting so fingers crossed that's sorted it! Thanks
  3. I'm playing on a Mac and every match I've tried to play so far I've got FM quit unexpectedly..is this a known issue?
  4. adzsim

    Steam help please!

    issue has been sorted, no need to help!
  5. I've just got a new laptop, downloaded steam, tried to connect but it doesn't recognise the fact I've been playing FM 12, so I've put the disk in to try and install, put in the activation code and obviously it's a duplicate code because I've already used it in the past, so what do I do to be able to play FM on my new laptop!
  6. I put the disk in, pressed install, got asked to open steam and then it asked me for the code and it's taking forever to download
  7. adzsim

    In-Store Prices

    I just paid £29.00 in tesco
  8. I still have to wait for steam to download the full game, surely that's what the disk has on it? very confused why we've been sold a disk which doesn't have any purpose to it?
  9. I have no idea what I've just done but it seems to have worked, thanks for your help guys
  10. 11.1, I downloaded 11.2 but never managed to get it to work, not sure if that might be part of the problem?
  11. When I go to start a new game, update 11.3 is not on the list of available updates, I'm not getting any error messages or anything like that
  12. I'm not using steam and when I press install it does but then when I load FM i can't use the patch
  13. I'm useless with computers, I'm using a Mac and I have no idea where to put the 11.3 patch, if somebody could please help me I'd be very grateful! thanks in advance
  14. sorry to maybe ask a stupid question, but on a mac where do you put the patch to make it work?