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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll likely go with the Medion but I've got a couple of weeks before I'll be buying so may keep my eye out for any sales or incase I might be able to up my budget a little (fingers crossed for a decent christmas bonus) Saying that though this one did catch my eye https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/hp-15-dp0003na-core-i7-8750h-8gb-1tb-hdd-128gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-1060-windo-5mn30ea/version.asp I did the benchmarks on it and it came out at 94% where the others were around 75-80%. Same i7 processor so I'm assuming the 1060 is better than both the 1050Ti and 1650 graphics cards. Doesn't look as pretty as the newer HP Pavilion 15s though
  2. I was looking at a similar one for the same price from Argos but it comes with 1050 rather than 1650 graphics and an extra 1TB https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3039061 . I was pretty close to buying it until I gave this thread a quick read and checked some setups on https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/ @Welshace What kind of setup can you run on this laptop? Over the last few FM's I tend to run larger databases, around150k players with as many leagues as possible. With graphics I tend to play on classic 2D but I assume this could handle the 3D if you're able to run AAA games to a good standard on this laptop. I'm looking for something for work as well as FM so I'd also considered the ASUS TUF FX505 and the Acer Nitro 5 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9306767 https://www.box.co.uk/Acer-Nitro-5_2557789.html
  3. They can talk about animations but don't make out that having 10 new goalie animations = 10 new features. As for my PC, according to the games system requirements and every 'Will It Run' type site it should more than be able to handle FM. I guess with PC gaming it's easy to blame the customers computer for failing to run the game rather than admit that the game is released faulty.
  4. This is all so true. If this were a console game being released broken year after year people would just stop buying it. SI could do themselves a favour by not teasing +1,000 new features upon each release of the game. *Change the font on the load screen, that's a new feature. Change the managers tie on the box, that's a new feature*. Just list 5-10 big new features rather than go on about 100's of new animations that are promised with each new FM release but I never see because I have to play mostly in 2D view despite having a rather good computer setup. There could be 999 improvements made to the 3D match engine but they should all be bundled up and counted as one = a working ME.
  5. I do wonder what kind of new features some people expect when the next FM is announced. Are we suddenly going to be introduced to the new game as FPM or Football Player Manager 17 ? When football itself only changes slightly from season to season (through rule changes for example) how cna you expect an evolution when moving from FM16 to FM17. For me the game could look identical in almost every area if SI had decided to invest their time in improving or developing the opposition managers AI and the match engine.
  6. Thanks. I reset Steam a few times and the download appeared, but despite following the instructions I can't get the custom start date to work. The Brazilian start date works though Looking forward to giving the Euros a bash with the England squad I think Roy Should have selected. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks, I'd hoped somebody would try to make a Euro 2016 save with the real teams and fixtures. I haven't download anything through the Steam Workshop before so was just wondering a few things; -first, I subscribed but don't see a 'download' option. I assume subscribing automatically downloads the file -secondly, I downloaded the sortitoutsi 'cutome start date' but the dates available are either March or April 2015 rather than 2016. Has anybody else had this problem?
  8. People play in different ways. It's not impressive when somebody thinks they are great at FM despite starting with all the best stats and at a club like Real Madrid (for example) The best career I had on FM was starting unemployed, struggling in the first seasons with a conference side. Moved to the lower leagues in Northern Ireland, Germany and then Belgium before being offered a chance back in England. Kept a terrible side in the football league after joining midseason, then over the following seasons turned them in to promotion contenders. After getting them up I had a heartbreaking decision to make when a 'larger' club came in for me early on in the following season. I took the job but felt like I was bailing on the side I'd built and despite the new club having players with better stats I found myself returning in January to sign some of the players who'd served me so well at my former club. In the following seasons I gained promotion and was competing at the top end of the Championship when I became aware that the manager of Nottingham Forest (the club I support) was facing the sack. I declared my interest in the job despite them sitting midtable in League One and was offered the position. The squad was shockingly bad but, again, I returned to my former club to bring in the players I was familiar with and they helped turn things around and get us promoted as champions. To many that may not be the greatest ever career in FM, but to me it was the most enjoyable. Starting at the bottom, playing LLM-style using the scouts to identify signings rather than just buying the same old players, working my way up and earning the job at the club I support whilst using players and staff who had developed a relationship with me.
  9. So creating a PS1 quality avatar from a very limited range of options is a main selling point of the game? No wonder the tactics and training are flawed again if so much time has been poured in to this 'feature'
  10. Before a game you have a notification inviting you to have a chat with the Chairman. "I've just signed my 35 year old nephew and would like you to play him in the next game" What do you do?
  11. I'm managing Forest and have a squad of 25 players then 18 players U-21 players broken up into the following positions below. The allocations for each squad are the same so I picture that both sides train together, whilst the U-18's are separate. 2 senior / 2 U-21's - Goalkeepers 8 senior / 5 U-21's - Defenders 4 senior / 3 U-21's - Defensive minded midfielders 7 senior / 5 U-21's - Attacking minded midfielders 4 senior / 3 U-21's - Forwards After playing around with allocating each coach I settled on the following; Because the quality and number of coaches I'm able to sign is limited, I was a little miffed at first about having to assign 3 of them to each of the 'general' training areas. But when you think 'tactics' and 'ball control' are areas you'd think every player in the squad receive training in then there is no way just one coach could handle that work load. What does seem a little strange though is how 'defending' requires 4 coaches (in whatever permutation I tried) in order to drop down to an average level - How would this be so? I'd assume it would mainly be the defensive minded members in the squad being trained in this area, so why would few players require more coaches? A similar number of players would have a focus on attacking but they require one less, whereas each fitness area would again apply every member of the squad yet only two members of staff are needed. Easy solution - Hire a couple of cheap/ average coaches who will work across all areas. Their star ratings will be severely knocked down in each but that will be more than compensated for by you having a specialist concentrating on just that area alone. I'd like to think of this jack of all trades being the guy who just lays out the cones and brings along the big bag of balls
  12. It'd only be a stepping stone if SI don't make wholesale changes again in the following release. From past experience between FM13 through to what we've seen on FM15 I'd say that it is more than likely to happen yet again.
  13. With each new update the new features are the best ever, only to be overhauled in the next years release. The game used to work very well before year after year of revolutionary developments seemed to take it backwards. So much focus on the 3D match engine when the AI should have been the biggest focus all along. Mo-capped animations may be all well and good but what's the point of the player looking realistic when they are doing unrealistic things, be that playing the ball straight to an opposition player under no pressure or just outright ignoring the instructions you've given him. In the past I used to play long career games, taking coaches with me from club to club. It just seemed right, almost all managers moving clubs will take along at least some of their backroom staff. In the last couple of FM's this seemed almost impossible, you could be a coaches favoured member of staff but they would have no interest in joining you. I'm impressed with the Tracksuit/ Tactical Manager idea but unless the staff relationships are improved greatly then I can't seem myself playing more than one season in a save
  14. Glad I found this thread. I've struggled with results during the early season despite having what I thought was a good pre-season (result-wise). In previous FM's I used to set up many high profile friendlies, more for the cash they'd bring in despite they would probably cause. Seeing as the standard English game start in July doesn't give you much preparation time I'm going to have a go loading up from a start date in Feb/ March with a European smaller league
  15. The next Michael Owen you say? Offer him a massive wage and stick him on the bench = job done! You redduns
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