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  1. I played both Chinese national team and club. I use editor to change some players' nationality to play for national team, but only these two players still appears 'foreign player' even after I already change their nationality and they already played the international match as a Chinese player...Pls sovle the plroblem or tell me how to make them play as natives. 我玩中国队和中国俱乐部,用游戏内编辑器编辑球员国籍后让球员参加国家队比赛,但是有的球员再中国联赛还是显示外援。。。 希望能解决这个问题或者告知我怎么操作才能让他们不显示成“外援”。。。万分感谢!
  2. FM22 Mobile 使用中国队,用游戏内编辑器改变外国球员国籍之后,可以参加中国国家队,但是上场之后没有上场记录!!! 希望能够解决!!!谢谢!!! 来自一名忠实玩家 I still have the uncapped record with my natralized player after he already attended the national match! BTW I played the Chinese team which I do not think will be something particular...
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