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  1. You've been a bit generous with those star ratings. I'm struggling to find a long-term save at the moment and given Newcastle a go. Their attackers are immensely overrated, whilst simultaneously being very thin in depth. Very interesting early save trying to work out how to get any positives from the mediocre squad. Hopefully Mr Ashley leaves and someone with some £££ joins.
  2. I'm stubbornly trying to go with a 2 striker tactic at the moment, if it was just one, i wouldn't worry as Cutrone could do it alone. Maybe Berardi. Italian strikers are either: A) Insanely expensive due to youthful ability or world-class status. B) Not that good. So i might try and turn a winger into a striker, or Giovani Simeone?
  3. I've decided to give AC a go, If someone starts a post I'll try and be active. I'm having a Higuain conundrum at the moment, optional buy for £30m, but he's 31 years old and 300k a week is disgusting.
  4. Partey is actually insanely good. Can confirm Cook from Bournemouth, Daley Blind and Kessie, in my experience are outstandingly good. Don't worry about the ages of Blind and Partey, they can do a great job and go against the normally outstanding youth.
  5. Just made it to the second season summer window opening with Borussia Monchengladbach without getting a transfer budget :S
  6. Just went onto the set piece menu, the set-piece takers are pre-selected but they are also selected alongside some players who don't play for me. Interesting.
  7. We out here, loaded and ready to go. Boy's been an hour. Shout out to the homie whos said 6.30pm and had his sources. Lying or not, about the sources, man was spot on. Peace and love Gents.
  8. Just my..words...what are words?! All i have is emotions, happy emotions.asvqfger
  9. Hahahaha. Oh my days this is sweet. Ilyes92300, let's enjoy tonight's release!
  10. Thank the heavens! I'm with these guys, make him hold out another 24 hours. I wish they allowed quote chains on this forum, although it would get a little messy i guess.
  11. That lad giving it the biggen about it being out tomorrow has piped down. Hahaha. Insert other media
  12. IT'S HAPPENING! Nearly emptied my wad reading that tweet. If that tweet is trolling man, i'm not even gonna be mad, i'll be disappointed.
  13. Miles. I don't want to beg, I don't want to grovel, I am a man of integrity, but there is little I won't do for you to prove this man wrong by releasing the game today.
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