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  1. If he doesn't play next season (which appears highly likely) his value will drop well below what it is now. So if Rodgers knows he isn't going to be involved then getting the best price for him now is just common sense if you ask me. He will have seen enough of him already to know whether or not he is going to fit into his plans. I can't think of 1 top four team in Europe who have a centre forward as one dimensional as Carroll. Money wasted aside, and for purely footballing reasons selling him is absolutely the right thing to do.
  2. Not sure why but he was never very well liked even when he was **** hot for us, not to the same degree as like Fowler etc. anyway.
  3. Remember when he said he was good enough to manage Real Madrid or something to that effect 10 days until our first game, can't wait to see how well Rodger's philosophy is translated on the pitch.
  4. Big Sam's idea of heaven having Big Andy up front. Exciting football ahead for West Ham.
  5. Yeah it was Merson, but do you really trust him as any sort of reliable source?
  6. I think everyone will get a chance to prove themselves in pre-season, Andy Carroll included. I think it's great to have such an open manager for a change, he defo calls a spade a spade.
  7. Borini reminds me a little of Inzaghi with his movement and eye for goal. We've needed a good finisher since Owen.
  8. Kalou's gone to Lille. Phew. I hope Sterling gets a chance in pre-season. I think he could be used to great effect as a sub this season when we're struggling to unlock a defence (which will probably be most of the time if the last few years is anything to go by!)
  9. No sign of Aquilani in the training photos. Was he at the Euros?
  10. I'm hoping it means aqua man is staying!
  11. Looks dead cert according to Bbc sport. Quite worrying considering they don't even have a manager! Shows how far weve fallen. Unless they just offered him shitloads or something.
  12. I'm not sure how Marcelo Moreno played so terribly as the team only had 1 shot on goal and he didn't seem to do much worse than the other players!
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