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  1. Shout out btw to Rashford. I think people forget how young he still is and to just come on and smash home his penalty was top quality stuff. Maguire deserves a mention too. The way he brings the ball out and his composure is excellent.
  2. It is a concern that we’ve not scored any goals (other than Lingard’s beauty and the fluke for Kane’s hat trick) that haven’t been from set pieces. That said, Alli missed a glorious headed chance but again that was from a cross. We don’t really have any creativity in the middle - Alli is clearly injured, Sterling is just rubbish if he has to think and Lingard doesn’t have enough influence on things. Henderson not creative either. Can we win it with dangerous crosses and set pieces as our main weapon? Stranger things have happened but I think we’d really struggle against France or a full strength Belgium (if they get past Uruguay/Brazil). I actually think we’d have a better chance against Brazil than any of those four. It'd be fantastic to get to the final though, and anything can happen in one game. 🤞
  3. We’ve only scored 2 not from set pieces haven’t we? Lingard’s screamer and Kane’s flukey hat trick goal v Panama. Thats **** poor.
  4. Cannot believe how much scum is in this Colombia side. Clearly in the coaches too. Complete and utter scum to the core.
  5. Cheating *****, take that. If I were that ref I’d have sent off Falcao and Sanchez.
  6. Poor bastards Proper classic that though. Sets up a great match with Brazil.
  7. Lukaku such a mismatch in this team. Will always be a threat but his touch is awful.
  8. Ironically and unfortunately, he was made of glass. Had the talent to be better than Messi and Ronaldo, but his knees were a mess.
  9. Glad for Bobby, but still...booooo.
  10. He’s an embarrassment to this team. And he’s nowhere near as good as he makes out. Deserves every kick he gets, arrogant twit. Come on Mexico.
  11. What a tit Neymar is, barely rested his foot on his ankle.
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