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  1. Play narrow, inverted full backs on attack and every player to "shoot less often", "tackle harder" and "close down much more". That's always my starting point and have decent success by watching how it plays out. I must add I usually play with Liverpool.
  2. Football isn't fixed? Any number of things could have affected results.
  3. Keown is dick head. How he got co-commentator for the final is beyond me. Anyway, best world cup for decades, a joy all round. Congratulations France, your talent showed in the end despite Deschamps' best efforts.
  4. Mbappe doing his best Usain Bolt impression there.
  5. ****! First teenager to score in a WC final since Pele. Brilliant.
  6. Scary how much talent this France team has, and shame on deschamps for the way they play, even if they are about to win the world cup, oddly.
  7. Matuidi's arm almost mirrors Perisic's. That's what happens when you're coming back down. Pathetic decision.
  8. Exactly this. He's no idea where the ball is so how anyone can say his hand's gone to the ball I don't know. His hand's going down because he's coming down too. If the rule is you have to be clear, ref's had a shocker there.
  9. That's a joke decision. Surely couldn't do anything about that?
  10. Suarez made it through a tournament without biting!
  11. Looks like a chav but also looks about 17. He’s just a kid that probably got too drunk. If he did it sober though, then off with his head.
  12. I ****ing hate it. And don’t give the ******** that England are “just as bad”. Yeah, there were a couple of rolleyes moments - Henderson (who was actually butted) and Maguire (who realised he’d been a mug and apologised) - but do not put us in the same category as Colombia. Complaining the ref was biased, if I were that ref I would’ve sent off 2 or 3 players for being complete arseholes refusing to go away. The amount of rolling about on the floor from Neymar has too been a disgrace, plus most of the middle eastern sides. It has ruined some games but last night was the worst gamesmanship I’ve ever seen.
  13. Loved the ‘Love Train’ reference Ususlly hate Hoddle though. I know he spent some time in Spain but his attempted pronunciation of Colombian names was really irritating - Fal-kay-oh ffs
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