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  1. actually about two weeks later, game time...so mid feb. i heard that there were takeover talks. Kind of curious what drives these dynamics.
  2. hah, *gasps for breath "too funny there slick" NEXT?
  3. Ok, in my current save am in February, ever since last September the chair's status has been "will listen to offers". Obviously a takeover is on the horizon...but when?
  4. Belgium transfer window

    eventually i will, but gonna rock belgium for a few years then will mosey off elsewhere...it's all about the legacy of my coach. . I'll eventually end up in england in the lower leagues...just want to bounce around europe a bit, and since i've never done belgium before, figured good place to start.
  5. Beginners Guide?

    rud - i saw it in the training forum...basically its a preset training schedule so you dont have to set your own up. Great if you are new to the game and have no clue what you are doin, or if you are still hazy on how to train folks ( like me) for certain positions.
  6. Belgium transfer window

    yeah i see, that the window opens on july 1, 2010 for transfers between clubs (out of contract)...but is that how i am going to have to gauge it from now on? ie make my moves 1 year in advance?
  7. Belgium transfer window

    unfortunately its for players over 20 as well. I am hoping its something i did with the options.
  8. I got an odd question. I started a game where I am managing a team in the Belgium third division. Now, whenever i try to sign players who are out of contract with another team in the same division, i see on the note that the deal will not be finalized until the following summer. Is this the norm? Can someone explain how the system works? Or is it just off, because it's a new game. Am trying to figure out my long term strategy here...also i am looking to make sure i have plenty of "home grown" players of Belgium descent for the cup runs and when i get promoted. Thanks in advance.
  9. Beginners Guide?

    oh, for training.....i would suggest you download tug's training schedule. simply since you are begining, it's a nice thing to have, everything is done, you just need to put the player on that schedule. You can find it in the training section. And hey amaroq, want to thank ya again for the help you gave ages ago when i started. Am still kicking around with the game.
  10. Beginners Guide?

    Welcome to the addiction. First off, get ready for a steep learning curve, but once you reach the top...it's a helluva lot of fun. So just be patient is my first bit of advice. I was once in your shoes, where ...kick ball into the net, was pretty much my lvl of knowledge of soccer. It took me a while, before i felt comfortable really with the game. Just be patient it will come and the reward will be there. It's pretty much turned into my favorite game for the last 3-4 years. This forum is actually pretty awesome. I'd suggest going to the Tactic & Training tips forum http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18 This thread specifically has a lot of information. Go through it. This helped a lot. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=136632 Couple newbie bits of advice. 1. I would suggest starting with a relative powerhouse - in the english premiere league, that would be Manchesterd United, Liverpool, chelsea or arsenal. Spain- Real Madrid or Barcelona. There are others, but i would probably start somewhere with those. Or you can take a look around and maybe one catches your fancy. They will probably have high expectations of you, but at least you will have a good team to start off with while your fiddling around. 2.In terms of understanding the game - I would kind of start with players abilities (ie accelaration, pace, strength, concentration). have a basic understanding or sweep of what these things do. because this in essence is the back bone. 3. I would then probably fool around with the tactics screen and look at team instructions and then player instructions. Use the basic panels for now. Read through what each type of thing does - ie for forward (attacking forward, defense forward). Midfielder (defense midfielder), etc. This is the first year this has gone into the game, and it is really a nifty tool. I'd read through all of them, just to get a feel for what each of them do. After that, i would then click on the advanced button, and from there, just look at what that specific setting does...ie what do the sliders look like for an attacking forward. 4. Listen to your assistant manager also, they will give you some advice on things. 5 There area lot of moving parts in this game - players abilities, tactics in game, setting up substition patterns, budgetary management, scouting, developing new players. So, just take one little nugget at a time. 6. if you are losing or winning a game with a certain set of tactics, dont be afraid to quit out of hte game, and restart the game with a different set of tactics. This actually helped me when I was learning the game. i just wanted to see what things would affect. Stick with it, it's a lot of fun.
  11. Fmrte

    i am using WWSM - and I cant seem to edit the chairman at all. Cant find him in the data base, same goes for my own toon. Also, i tried registered to the Braca soft website, but havent gotten an activation email. (sorry to put it in here, just hope he checks here - am using the same user name as this one). Thanks!
  12. Fmrte

    it does, i am running WWSM and 9.02. i had to upgrade to the windows net thing. Though i am running into a few problems. such as i cant find myself as a manager, and i cant find the board chairman. Otherwise its an awesome tool.
  13. New Manager Tips

    Welcome to the addiction! First of all be patient with the game there are a lot of variables and moving parts to the game. There are so many bits and pieces to understand and then figure out how they work together. So be patient. i started the game about 1.5 years ago, with pretty much zero football knowledge...played as a kid, but i had no idea what a cross was etc...but the game seemed fun. There is a steep learning curve so try to understand one bit at a time. Maybe start by understanding the stats and how the players react to it. Then perhaps tinker with a few formations to see how things roll with that. I will say though once you get to a degree of comfort with the game, a light bulb will pop on and you will go oh...hey...now I know how to counter it. Play games on either extended view or the whole match to see how your tinkering with the tactics affect things. It seriously is a fun game, you just have to get over the learning curve. keep at it! Here is a thread that has a lot of good information from a newbie angle. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/1519717/m/1882043703 It helped me A LOT to understand the game.
  14. Ok its been a while since i have been here to ask a question or two....i am a yank...so the way the european football system works is a bit arcane....so here is the question.. I have a Premiere league football club.....and i have a work permit feeder club in Belgium (third division i believe). Is there a limit on the number of players I can send there to get a work permit...ie can I have 10 players there simultaneously for the sole purpose of attaining a work permit? Currently I have 4 players there, but since I love scouting internationally, i wanted to see if this was a viable option. i know the question is a bit in the extreme but simply curious.
  15. 8.0.2 Feedback Thread

    at first i didnt like the patch, but have grown to like it. My initial gripe was that my long term project was screwed. I restarted games left and right trying to win...after much consternation and thinking bout things i came to the conclusion that those games I lost, i should have lost. I was the worst of the two teams. Initially i approached the game with tactics can win, even if you are inferior. Every now and then thats true, however over the long term you need quality players to back up your tactics. So bottom line for me was that I had a cruddy team, i knew it though, the patch just highlighted it. Once I came to that conclusion, it was easier for me to enjoy the positives of the patch. So having said that, my initial and bigger complaint of the patch is gone. I think the patch works decently and am enjoying the game.