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  1. Did anyone start the game with the first transfer window disabled? Did you get any substantial funds for the winter transfer window?
  2. Is it possible to sell Sanchez to PSG at the start of the game? So far, I can only attract interest from English sides. Edit: Ok so it turns out that you can get Sanchez to sign a new contract as per this reddit post. I just got Sanchez to renew until 2021 on a £185k pw, with a £10m bonus. All I did was sign Savic for £33m and I did still keep Wenger on as DoF.
  3. I'm currently at the start of season 2 and PSG is willing to pay £45m for Giroud, just after buying Welbeck for £35m. lol
  4. Which LBs are people looking at? Ricardo's name is usually mentioned but he's on massive wages and he's also a bit on the slow side.
  5. Any relevant changes in the release version that might make someone want to restart?
  6. Rotational player unhappy with number of starts despite starting in 6/15 league games and 4 cup games.
  7. Dybala is also impossible to get in the first season since he just transferred.
  8. Do you play him as a sweeper keeper or regular keeper? Although that shouldn't have that much of an effect on his regular keeping duties.
  9. You can get him for ~£42m (£10m immediately, the rest spread over 24 months) in the first season and about ~£110k in wages.
  10. Sell Chambers to Chelsea for £25m + £12.5m in add-ons and bring in Stones for £37m straight up?
  11. Lucas Romero is a cheap (~4m) and solid backup to Coq in the BWM role. Not sure if his potential is as high as it was in FM15 but he still looks good and is rated highly by scouts. Anyone able to get Sergi Samper to sign? He has a really low buy-out clause at the start of the game but he normally signs a new contract with Barca rather than accepting an higher offer elsewhere.
  12. Considering you're 4 seasons in, time to start scouting for regens who fit the bill imo.
  13. Is anyone else have issues with player unhappiness? I haven't even finished one season yet and I've had Chambers complain that he wasn't getting enough games (despite being injured for 2/3 months), Wilshere complain when I signed Walcott on a new contract, Gibbs became unhappy (with no warning) that he didn't get offered a new contract for good form (also causing half my squad to become unhappy) and Gabriel demanding a new contract to match Gibb's new contract. "Fortunately", Wilshere's only a rotation option and he's gotten over it and Debuchy got a long term injury so I can play Chambers at RB as well as CB.
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