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  1. Going to start with gundos challenge taking a swedish team to glory! who knows if i get fired there i might come back here its been nice playing this challenge with you guys! se yall!
  2. Challenge = Failed! just got fired thats it guys! will most likley take up on another challenge or maybe i will return who knows! but i got fired because i lost 6 games in a row in the first divison when i was predicted to win it!
  3. Season review 2019/2020 Keciörengucu I failed Big time! We got relegated ended up 17th in the table! But if you notice one thing by the table is that Siirtspor won! THEY just got promoted and they won the leauge in there first season! this is the team that i beat and got promoted 2 years ago! how the hell did this happen? okey this actully made me belive in miracles but this is a first time for me playing fm that a promoted team win the premier divsion there first season! Transfers Got a transfer budget of 1 million. Used it all hoping to imrpove the team but nope! none of the players were able to do anything! Most of them will be leaving cause im going back down to the first divsion where your only allowed to use 3 forginers! Didnt get fired! Thats the only positive thing i guess with this season Was to stubborn this season wouldent change my tactic cause it went so good last year i was hoping for the best but i was so wrong so its back to the blackboard!
  4. thats not the thing i was lucky enough to get promoted in the first place i ended up 6th and won the playoff! XD
  5. Minisav congrats! Ohanzee im thinking about giving up :/ this just made me sad
  6. Woot got relegated hope i dont get fired 4 games left not like i can do anything and half the squad requested transfers
  7. unlucky llr not getting promoted better luck next year and that sengalese striker of you looks amazing
  8. new season aint going so good im in the relegation zone but now that its winter transfers i am able to change the foreign players that can play for my team! in with the argentinian left back and out with my romanian striker bolog! SankeXe afkir is my best player HAHA XD so im not even close!
  9. Your only allowed to have 8 forgien players in the team sign up for the leauge and only 6th forgien players allowed on the field at the same time (i hate these rules! :O withouth them i would have a dream team right now. in my new season i got some transfer money and 2 of my scouts had found alot of argentinian and south african prospects so i signed them all but they cant play . but afkir aint really that good take a look at Fenerbahces star striker Jose! look at those STATS how am i supposed to compete with that.
  10. Season review 2018/2019 Kecirörengucu Turkish Premier Divison So my first season in the premier division went quite well as we didn't get relegated. Ended up 13th in the leauge Transfers: Had no money so i had to go for free transfers once again! The most important transfers were Gustav Svensson (played a wonderful season as a defensive midfielder bought him from Bursaspor for free! Former IFK Göteborg player from sweden) Was the second best player of the team. scored 2 goals and got an avrage rating of 6.93 Caca is this brazilian striker i got for free from Bucaspor he was 26 years old (he was injured for half the season) played 21 games in total scored 6 important goals (one of them against galatasaray when i won against them AWAY) he got an rating of 6.85 he also made 2 assists. Driss Afkir The best player of the team last year came from barcelona were he only had played 1 game(is an maroccan barca production!) He came to keciörengucu and became the star striker. playing 31 games scoring 11 goals made 6 assists and got a rating of 7.01. He was the main reason i won games! scoring those lucky goals he plays kinda like inzaghi always offside but when he gets the chance its a goal! Dident win any trophy this year but i won the fair play award. Random facts! WC 2018 was being held in spain. France won the cup with cameroon coming as runner up and on third place was spain. Cristiano ronaldo = Player of the year! with messi coming second and fabrgas third. Champions leauge 2019 Bayern munchen played real madrid in the final and won!
  11. Thanks LLR its going pretty good! 8 games played 2 won 3 drew and 3 losses. 13th place out of relegation !
  12. Season Reviews! Team Keciörengucu! Short summary cause i didn't do this. Will do bigger reviews from now on! Season 2011/2012 Table 10th, Transfers Season 12/13 Table 10th, Transfers Season 13/14 Table 7th, Transfers Season 14/15 Table 14th, Transfers Season 15/16 Table 10th, Transfers Season 16/17 Table 1th, Transfers Season 17/18 Table 6th Playoff spot!, Playoff Winner, Transfers
  13. Oh didnt see that about transfers and table every season. :O I only postes my manager profile in the beginning!
  14. PRDH im going to do it now every season when im here in the premier division. The turkish second division and first division aint anything speciall and i havent had any money to do anythings its only been playing games and games changing tactics and more games!
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