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  1. The same one as frankmourinho. I believe the tactic is named as Sevilla version 2.1 on the download link about 10 posts or less above i think mate. That has been the best version of thi I have used.
  2. yeah he does the pre match oi and I let him have input into team talks, its really helps me keep the clean sheets ans the attacking nature of the tactic takes care of itself. I will try and post some screen shots to show you how good this tactic has been for me. the AMC behind the striker scored 72 goals in his debut season for me from that position!! quality tactic.
  3. thats the aim. very hard to get money as my club off the pitch is only at around a league 1 level. my ground only holds 10k and only have 4,500 seaon ticket holders. very hard to move the club to the next level. I buy loads of young players and play them as often as I can, as a result they improve superbly. Sell them on for big money and reinvest it. The only was I can do it. This tactic is superb though. It helps to keep clean sheets if you and your assistnant manager are quite defensive. Dont know why but when I had a assistant who was very attacking it used to be 6-5, 5-5 etc. Now with a defensive man I am winning 3 or 4-0 with much more solid displays.
  4. this tactic has taken my AFC Telford team from the blue square north to the premiership, with records being smashed right left and centre, just finished 6th (corrected - I was 5th in the end) in my first season in the premiership (despite ony having a total wage budget of 90k a week for the whole club!) and won the FA cup. Great last 2 games to the season. Beat Man City on the final day to cost them the title by 1 point and then beat them in the FA cup final!! haha, money doesnt get you everything! My Midfielder also won FA player of the season!! Will try and post some screen shots.
  5. I only use these Retain possession - used when in tight away games when leading 2-1 or 1-0 for example Work ball into box - used when totally dominating posession but having few clear cut chances take more risks - if you are winning easily and really want to hand out a beating all those have worked quite well for me.
  6. this training is great, but I have a young lad whose physical stats are class and i dont want to waste training time or ca/pa points on improving his physical stats by 1 point or so, I wan thim to be the next Messi with quality technique. Anyone know the number of clicks needed on the strength/aerobic sliders so it just maintains his stats for those and doesnt really improve them as I want to really max out all the other areas. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey all. This thread is brilliant and has given me so much information on training that has proven to be a great help in my game. I tend to change training so it maintains strong areas and develops weak areas. eg a player might be physically a beast but technically poor so target schedules for that. One question I have though is how many clicks/what position on the slider will maintain the physical attributes for strength and aerobic training as mentioned above I have just got a 20yr old who is a monster physically and would love to give him the highest amount of technique work I can as feel it would be wasting training to improve physically.
  8. I have my two cms and strikers with swap positions in league 1 in England as AFC Telford and agree it works a treat. I had a striker who hadnt scored in 12 games who I was thinking of selling nd then when my star striker got crocked for 3 months I had to play him and with the new switch positions he scored 14 goals in 12 games.
  9. No I kept the tactic the same and didn't change a thing. Used the team talks similar to those suggested by Tyler and went from there. As I got a better standard of player in I gave the strikers instructions to swap positions with each other and have done the same recently with my 2 center mids as well. Dont worry too much about the players ability. If you can sign players with half decent stats to fit in with the requirements of the positions as stated in the opening post you will be laughing e.g you don't need to have a striker with 20 for dribbling and pace in the blue square, just get the best you can afford.
  10. I use V6 at all times home and away and have taken AFC Telford to top of league 1 with successive promotions every season I have played. I can post screen shot history and league table placings and player ratings and history if people wish. All the above is down to Tylerbodes tactic. The only real one that has worked for me for 09. The only changes I have made to the tactic is have the 2 strikers swapping positions and the 2 center mids swapping positions. i think it helps keep the tactic fresh and opposition guessing. The strikers in particular get a few more chances I feel.
  11. Are there ones which you dont mind being weaker than others. I am a poor team and although I smashed the league last season, only losing 2 games in all comps I need 2 new strikers as mine have been poached. Obviously I cant afford or attract players with all the stats I want, so I need t make choices between players that fit the bill, but are missing a couple of strong stats in other areas. From what you say it would be better for me to get palyers with good technical skills rather than a quick bloke who is useless.
  12. one quick question about strikers. Obviously I am looking to buy strikers that fit the description but what is the most important attribute out of the lot? For example I could afford 3 players Player 1 has 20 for dribbling, however he only has 6 for pace/acceleration Player 2 has 6 for dribbling, however he has 20 for pace/acceleration Player 3 has 14 for dribbling and 14 for pace/acceleration Which player would be best to get out of those? Does Dribbling make him better even if he has less pace? or vice versa
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