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  1. How on earth do you sell players on this game? I have offered Phil Jones out for £12m, same with Darmian and Mata...and nobody makes an offer. "No team sees it as a viable option" ...
  2. I am not a tester any more so I am not sure why that is still there! But yes, if I got that as a report when I was working there I would ask for a bit more! So...media prediction is 4th. The Watford squad has a lot of talent to be honest, Troy Deeney is doing very well. Was 13th in January but am now 5th in February...picked up a lot of wins. But it all seems very "fortunate", by that I mean there are a lot of games where I feel it should have been at least a draw i.e. they get 15 shots a match on average. I had a 5-0 home loss to Charlton and have no idea why that happened, no injuries to speak of for example. Perhaps it is the nature of the Championship, everyone beating everyone etc
  3. To be honest, this is not working at all with Watford. I play the Rainmaker at home when favourites and Silk away and almost every game the other team reach 15 shots.
  4. When unticking the box to show player pictures in Preferences, this will only remove pictures of generated players. Licensed player faces will still remain
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