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  1. I've been offered Benzema first season for 8 million! Should I buy him?
  2. Just got Shrewsbury promoted from League 2 in second season, never done it before, really chuffed.
  3. Club: Shrewsbury Town (League 2) Budget: 50K Looking for: To strengthen the whole team Season: First season. I really need some people who will come to me for free or on loan or a player worth a few thousand. Can you recommend any great players? Cheers.
  4. I'm Arsenal, second season, shall I buy Wesley Sneijder for 20 million? He's up for sale. Thanks.
  5. Can this bring you sucess on FM11 as it was made for FM10?
  6. Anyone please re upload the classic tactic? Thanks.
  7. Can someone please upload the 10.3 Classic (Everton, May 2010). The link has expired. Thanks alot.
  8. What is the best version of this tactic? Thanks.
  9. What tactic version are you using? The classic? would you all say that is the best? Cheers.
  10. Do you think he's worth signing? Looks like he has some good potential.
  11. Would you say this is a better schedule that TUGS? Cheers.
  12. Cheers lads, Robinho doesn't show up in my game for some reason? Also Henry wouldn't accept my new contract offer, neither would Wiltord so they're both off I have signed Todorov, he's coming in July. Any others? Cheers.
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