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  1. I've been offered Benzema first season for 8 million! Should I buy him?
  2. Just realised they are both getting on abit, only going to get 2-3 years out of them, any one younger I could go for?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Alphawave, if I'd of known his clause was that I'd of offered him a new contract! So would you all say Vargas is the best option?
  4. Oh dear, I thought I was in the Good Players & Teams Forum when I posted this thread but since we're here, I basically used him to pick up the ball and run to the byline and cross the ball in like he does in real life, sometimes I'd get him to cut in and have a shot. Thanks.
  5. Man United just bought Bale because his release clause was 35 million and he accepted their contract offer, gutted! Nothing I could of done about it. He was amazing for me, who can I sign for the AML position that is as good as Bale? Thanks.
  6. Ronseal™

    Just got Shrewsbury promoted from League 2 in second season, never done it before, really chuffed.
  7. Just wondering if you can see a list at the end of a season who's contract has run out or players that have been released from their club as I'm looking for a few freebies to sign with Shrewsbury second season. Thanks.
  8. How do you fix that though? I've just lost 4-1 to Torquay, I don't know what's happening, I was second, now I'm one point from dropping out of the play-offs!
  9. I'm 25 games in to a season with Shrewsbury, I was comfortably sitting in 2nd place but now I cannot win a game, I'm getting destroyed every game? This has happened to me in previous seasons, why does a tactic suddenely stop working? It's so frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Hi. I've always wanted to lead Shrewsbury to glory in League 2 but no matter how hard I try I never seem to get decent results, I can't even get promoted out of league 2, I've tried making my own tactics, downloading others but nothing seems to work. I'll get the odd decent run but nothing that lasts. I have signed some cracking players for Shrewsbury this time round so I thought I could be in with a chance but I'm getting heavily beaten most of the time, what's going wrong? I never seem to suceed in lower league managing, I've seen a lot of others do. Any help? Cheers.
  11. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    Club: Shrewsbury Town (League 2) Budget: 50K Looking for: To strengthen the whole team Season: First season. I really need some people who will come to me for free or on loan or a player worth a few thousand. Can you recommend any great players? Cheers.
  12. I'm Arsenal, second season, shall I buy Wesley Sneijder for 20 million? He's up for sale. Thanks.
  13. Can this bring you sucess on FM11 as it was made for FM10?
  14. FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Bought him, coming in January! Good buy I think.