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  1. I'm already at the stage of not being prepared to buy the game on release date this year. Really disappointed with this year's version in terms of the number of fairly significant (if not always game breaking) bugs. I have been playing FM (or Championship Manager in it's former incarnation) since the initial Amiga version and this is the one I've played least. The game is potentially fantastic, but with the bugs present in every patch have almost ruined it for me. Good luck to everyone still enjoying this year's version - there are obviously lots out there, I'm just a little disappointed at the apparent carelessness of testing and QC. Seems like a rushed game and rushed patches has meant that a lot of blatantly obvious issues have been missed.
  2. Haha - awesome post! Can't believe SI haven't implemented this already!
  3. I've not started a game of this years FM yet, despite getting it on release date. Far far too many bugs this time around. I doubt I will buy next years version until the 3rd patch has been released.
  4. SI why cant i...

    I'm sure it can be done - I've done something similar myself. I can't remember the specifics of how I did it, although it was not through the Editor. I had to extract the kits from the graphics.fmf file using the Resource Archiver, change the kit then rearchive and replace the graphics.fmf file with the new version. Hope this gives you something to go on.
  5. Was this implemented in the latest patch? And if so, will this pack be updated to take advantage of the change? Fingers crossed!!
  6. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Yes, exactly
  7. I'm in January of my first season with Lazio and Kolarov has scored 4 for me so far.
  8. The "German" Fix

    Check the PM I just sent you
  9. Big Marketing Regen

    I have just signed Lam Xiaolong for £54million from Fiorentina and will apparently cause a surge in merchandise sales in Japan.....I wonder if it will cover the £54million expenditure ;o)
  10. This is going to be chaotic tomorrow once the game is actually released! I just hope I get a good code.