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  1. Just updating my game wanting to start a arsenal game AGAIN thinkin of putting Van Persies injury in but till the end of the season? or only half?
  2. Spurs & Arsenal Kit not showing

    the kits have gone back after the new ppatch any help to fix these?
  3. Chelsea transfer ban.

    Myn is ticked on yet chelsea still signed toulalan:S
  4. FM10: Mario Balotelli

    Anyone managed to buy him?
  5. are you going to wait

    Just a question what is the first patch for?
  6. FM2010 No More Tackling?

    Will we have to wait untill the jan patch for this to be fixed?
  7. Steam Pre-Load

    It still says its out in 1 day and 21 hours:S yesterday it said the same thing
  8. Steam Pre-Load

    still says the same thing to me
  9. Steam Pre-Load

    Steam must hate me still wont let me pre load
  10. Steam Pre-Load

    It wont let me says servers are to busy
  11. Steam Pre-Load

    Pre Load? :S
  12. Steam says 1 day and 22 hours now:( it said that yesterday what happened:S?
  13. Release date moved up?

    myn says 1 day and 20 hours
  14. steam is so poo

    I was thinkin of buying FM off steam this year as i dont really want to wait for it to be delivered 4 5 days after its released(inpatient i know) is it worth it or?
  15. I would never sell Diaby i like to keep my Arsenal games Realistic:)