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  1. Thanks Welshace, appreciate the time. Actually thinking budget might be closer to £400 now.. any other ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks Smurf. Compared to the cheaper: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/P5S40ESABU-HP-ProBook-450-G2_1884970.html Is the difference substantial for the price?
  3. Hi all.. wondering if anyone can assist? Currently using a Dell Inspiron 1540.. served me well but now seems to be dying. Looking for a good replacement option, it's mainly used just for FM, browsing the net, Office etc. Don't play any other games. Usually play one long term save for maybe 10-15 seasons, the 6 big leagues and watch matches in 3D. Budget as low as possible really! Thanks
  4. Just joined the club on Friday afternoon. Baby Luke was born at 14.51 weighing 6lb 7oz
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