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    I'm from the Isle of Lewis. It is a small island in the north west of Scotland.

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    I knew I should have turned left at Albuquerque!


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    FM(Obviously), loads of other games as well, watching most sports.

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    Man Utd
  1. I play in windowed mode but if I played in full screen this would really annoy me because like many others I sometimes switch to my browser or go to change the music thats playing and just let the game play out.
  2. Tone

    I like that we have more options of team talks to give because it was far too repetitive before and I ended up using the same team talks depending on the score usually so there wasn't any thought going in to it. They were in desperate need of a revamp and I am quite happy with it so far. Hopefully more improvements can be made in patches or for next year but i think its a step in the right direction. One thing I noticed about the team talks over the course of one season was the players seemed to respond less to what I was saying as the season went. I'm not sure whether this is a supposed to happen depending on circumstances (lack of respect for the manager or sick of same team talk maybe?) or whether it is just that I am bad at team talks. Probably the latter. Hopefully once I have played a few more seasons I will learn the best way to get the players motivated.
  3. I am at 1001 on FM11 but I'm at 2562 hours on FM10 but that was because i never turned my laptop off properly and had FM open all the time just incase I got the urge to play
  4. Scouting for 1,2,3 matches?

    I only use it if the scout isn't very good and doesn't give as much information as I would like. When I am manager of a big team I tend to just use the report card option because my scouts have high attributes and generally give good report cards.
  5. 11.3 regens

    I started my game before the new patch in Italy and since the new patch has been installed i have gone through a pre-season and had a new intake of youth players. One thing I noticed after looking through all the players in all the teams in Italy is that around 90% of the players had a strength rating of less than 6. I also noticed that the number of good players worth signed seemed to be less than it had been before. This is only one season though so i will have to play through a few more seasons before making a final judgement on it.
  6. your biggest stadium?

    i had a 129,033 all seater stadium named after me with Man Utd on FM10. I have managed to fill it a few times in the big games and my highest average attenance is around 119k.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has found any major flaws in the regens this year or are they a good balance overall? I haven't bought the game myself yet because i am waiting until the transfer system is fixed before i do but the regens are one of my favourite parts of the game and would be good to know peoples opinions on them this year.
  8. I got a stadium named after me at Man Utd. News Item
  9. [video=youtube;PdM0Gf4w_ck] Here is my best goal so far.
  10. There are a couple of regens i would have liked to stay their whole careers with me at Man Utd but when they reach their mid 20's they always seem to want a new challenge and I end up have to sell them which is frustrating. I do have one regen who i signed at 17 when he first appeared in the game. He went straight into my first team and had now scored 106 in 367 as a winger and is now 31.
  11. Football Manager 2011 blogs

    I think like was said earlier is that feature roulette was between 1 and 500 but there were number which did not contain any features so that is where the 500 comes from.
  12. Ridiculous question

    You could upload it to a site like megaupload and then download it again.
  13. Have you tried offering new contracts to older players because sometimes they will ask for less than they are given and maybe offer some of your highest earners slightly less to see if they would accept. Other than that you will need to sell players somehow.
  14. Man Utd debts....

    I am in 2024 and have been Man Utd since the start and at one point when i had a large balance the board payed off some of the debt so i was paying less per month but i have just told they are building a stadium in my honour so the debts are back to how they were:( I kind of wish they hadn't because i was still losing around £10m a month without a second loan.