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  1. I've started a game with Almagro in Argentina, currently finished my second season. I'm combining this challenge with the home nation one, essentially meaning that I can only sign Argentinians (which isn't much of an issue, there's a LOT of quality around). The first year was very average, after 3 crushing defeats in my first 3 league games, I switched tactics to one which I had developed over the course of 30 seasons in Iceland last year. It's a narrow 4-1-2-1-2, and it plays ****ing sexy football. Unfortunately, sexy football isn't always very useful when you're slogging it out for survival. After an up and (mostly) down season, i came in at 15th (out of 20), but had to play off against Deportivo Merlo in order to stay up due to Argentina's ridiculous league rules. I survived 3-2 on aggregate, and strengthened my squad, most notably up front, where we'd really been lacking. The second season started off much the same, and we were mid table until a run of about 4 wins on the trot catapulted us into the playoff places. I suffered a horrible slip in form for no apparent reason, and it came down to the last game, with us needing a win whilst hoping that recently relegated Huracan were not able to win themselves. It wasn't to be, a 3-2 away win was matched by Huracan, and we have to wait another year until we can get in there against the big boys. My screenshots are on another computer which i don't have access to right now, I'll post some up tomorrow.
  2. Love it. Tried to win the Champions league in Iceland last year with Gundo's challenged. My last 10 years there I only signed Icelandic players. Made it to the semis once in 28 seasons. Should be easily doable with a larger country, maybe even a mid-sized one with a little bit of patience (Not sure I have the time to have a crack at it in somewhere like Iceland again though). I'll definitely be up for this when I get my new computer, I'm thinking in Argentina. Just to clarify, are we allowed to sign English players with an English club if they aren't playing for an English club? Would I, for example, if playing with my beloved Sydney FC, be able to purchase Tim Cahill from Everton?
  3. Having a crack in Slovenia, first season is going quite well but I don't think I'll post anything until I've really established myself (and an interest in this save). I'm playing with Nogometni Klub Krka Novo Mesto (Krka for short). Slovenian names crack me up, half of them look like the result of a hyperactive 6 year old bashing on a keyboard.
  4. In my 6th season with Zaglebie Sosnowiec, mid table in the Ekstraklasa. Would people like me to start doing some updates? I didn't post in here to begin with because I wasn't sure if I would get into the game or not.
  5. I'm now well into my 11th season in Iceland, if I can find the motivation I'll provide you guys with a write up. Loving every minute of it.
  6. Tim Filippi and the Wee Rovers: Season One The first season has taken me six pages of this thread to complete, but complete it now is, and I can confirm that Albion Rovers have been Promoted as Champions! It was a funny old season, as until about the mid point of the season, it seemed that nobody really wanted the title. In fact, at one point I broke 10 points clear in a matter of 5 games aftter being tied at the top beforehand. I won't post up any screenshots of players, because to be honest i can't see myself holding onto any of them for an extended period of time. The fact that I was able to win this league so comfortably says more about the standard of the other teams than it does of my own. I will mention, however, that my squad is composed almost entirely of Scots, which deviates a bit from what my fellow Scottish players are doing. I have one Norwegian (who was signed after his contract at Rangers had expired), an Englishman named Stuart Lovell (who played in the Prem for Falkirk the year before and scored a good 20 goals for us) and a "Burundian" who was born in Glasgow but now has two international caps. The plan is to keep my squad as home based as possible. In fact, I'm not allowing myself to scout outside of Britain until I go professional. Any non-Brits until that point will be signed from British clubs, but I want to keep these to a minimum as well. My aim for next year is, to be honest, another promotion. The division above looks just as gash as the division we just left. Hopefully the summer will be a productive one for the Wee Rovers in the transfer market as we hope to do a repeat performance of last year. It took me a while to get into this game, but now that I have I am SO keen to get to the top. I really love FM.
  7. You're going great guns Gilbster! I'm filled with hope for my own game now.
  8. I'm in, having a go at Scotland as well. After many reloads, Albion Rovers lay claim to the proud title of worst team in Scottish football and were rewarded with the installation of a new manager, Tim Filippi. Wish me luck, I think I may need it.
  9. I'm in, starting with Etoile-Carouge in Switzerland. This squad is INCREDIBLY bad. Profile: http://i690.photobucket.com/albums/vv268/sydneytilidie/etoilecarougeprofile.jpg
  10. I'm finding Serie C1 a lot more difficult at the moment. The teams seem to have much better quality players. I have had a bit of a rough draw to start off with though.
  11. In short, this was a ****ing awesome season. The mass of deadwood was cut, 20 players were brought in and pretty much all of them performed. As the positions graph shows, we started off in mediocre fashion, but by mid season I stumbled upon a great tactic and the squad clicked. In the end, the table looked a bit like this, showing that we won it pretty comfortably. As for the squad, it really wasn't that fantastic and I think I'll need to do some good work on the transfer market if I'm to do a repeat performance. In all honesty, back to back promotion isn't really a realistic aim, unless we get more plays like Ekani, who my 20/20 scout ( ) found for me after the august transfer window had closed. He came in January and tore the league a new one. I'd have no qualms playing him in a Serie B side honestly, and hopefully he'll be at the club for a long time. Our top goalscorer, Ceccon, was useful, but obviously a fair way off Ekani's quality. I'm 60k in the red, which isn't too concerning and hopefully attendances (which were just under 3k this season) and ticket prices will rise next year. Also, it's nice to know that our stadium can be expanded when necessary. I was reading through some articles about Sicilian football yesterday and it turns out no Sicilian team has ever won the Serie A. Records are made to be broken though! So it's onwards and upwards next season in the Serie C1. Siracusa Summary Season League Pos. Serie C Cup Europe Achievements _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2010/11 Serie C2/C 1st 1st Rd N/A Serie C2/C Champions, Manager of the Year
  12. CAMPIONE CAMPIONE OLE OLE OLE! write up soon
  13. Well, 5 games played aginst Serie C opposition, 4 wins and a draw. Unfortunately, all the wins were in the Serie C cup, the draw in my only league game. Still, future is looking bright, and I've made some very solid acquisitions. My best striker is out for 3 months though .
  14. Cheers matey. I've been reading this thread a bit, If I can do half as well as you have I'll be a happy man.